Popular ‘Pray for Our President’ Facebook Group Deleted from Facebook

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“Pray for Our President” Facebook Group Deleted In October, Facebook members of the popular “Pray for Our President” group led by author and speaker Donna Partow, which had over 135,000- 140,000 followers, noticed the group was no longer listed in their Groups list. Mysteriously, while smaller groups of the same name remained, the large group … Read more

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Worst Week Ever for Social Media Suppression of Information

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Parler, a new social media platform dedicated to free speech, has tallied the many examples occurring this week in which social media platforms restricted or suppressed the free flow of information in the run-up to the 2020 election. The information brownout is now well under way. In the past week: Twitter blocked the sharing of … Read more

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Ric Grenell Claims Twitter is Censoring Conservatives on Logan Sekulow ReProgram

Ric Grenell on Logan Sekulow ReProgram

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell Claims Twitter is Censoring Conservatives in Logan Sekulow ReProgram Exclusive, Vows Not to Let It Go Ric Grenell Claims Twitter Censoring Conservative Accounts In an exclusive interview with The Logan Sekulow ReProgram, Ric Grenell, the former Acting Director of National Intelligence, claims that he was locked out of … Read more

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Parler Launches Erasebook.info to Expose Facebook’s Deplatforming & Privacy Abuses; Facebook Immediately Blocks It

Parler alternative social media to Twitter

Social platform Parler launches Erasebook.info aimed at publisher and data leviathan Facebook; Facebook blocks mention of new site across its platform Parler, the People-driven social platform, today announced the launch of Erasebook.info, a new grassroots campaign aimed at publisher and data leviathan Facebook. The effort, centered around the launch of online hub www.Erasebook.info, will educate social … Read more

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Twitter & Its Cancel-Mob Rush to Judgment About Kyle Rittenhouse Says Parler

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Twitter Rushed to Defend Riots and Criminals but Rushes to Accuse 17-year-old Kyle RittenhouseEditor’s Note: Social media giants including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google are developing a bad reputation for silencing conservative voices through censorship including: shadow banning, deleting accounts, deleting followers, hiding search results and other heavy-handed tactics. On the other hand, liberal media, … Read more

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Are Jewish People Being Unfairly Censored on Social Media? Parler Says Yes

Screenshot of portion of Rabbi Uriel Vigler

Jewish People Censored Unfairly on Social Media Platforms Facebook and Twitter. Jewish People Censored on Facebook Social network Parler is sharing a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg from New-York-based Rabbi Uriel Vigler. Rabbi Vigler’s letter, describing the circumstances surrounding the company’s recent suspension of his account for “hateful speech.” The censorship raises concerns about Facebook’s … Read more

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Parler, USA.Life Offer Alternative Social Media for Christians, Jews, Conservatives

Parler alternative social media to Twitter

Parler and USA.Life Offer Alternative Social Media Options for Those Tired of Seeing Conservative Voices Censored, Blacklisted and Shadow-banned on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Google, etc. Free Speech Platform Parler Calls for Transparency as Google Faces Allegations of Blacklisting Parler asks, “Did a “Glitch” Reveal the Truth Recently?” The People-driven social platform is calling for … Read more

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Conservatives, Christians, More Move to Social Networks USA.Life & Parler

Parler alternative social media to Twitter

Conservatives, Christians, Trump Supporters & Others Move to New Social Networks USA.Life and Parler Conservatives, Christians, family-friendly networkers and supporters of President Trump are joining the new USA.Life and Parler social networks in record numbers, because of Facebook, Twitter and Reddit censoring or banning President Trump followers. USA.Life is the answer to left-leaning Facebook, and Parler … Read more

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