Proverbs 31: A Wife of Noble Character

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Who Can Find a Wife of Noble Character? It is not easy to find a virtuous woman in these modern feminist times. Proverbs 31 is from the sayings of King Lemuel, king of Massa and considered an oracle. These verses form an acrostic–each verse beginning with a successive letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The formatting of … Read more

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Fun With Scripture

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A little Bible humor and fun with scripture While contemplating his next sermon, a country pastor hit upon an idea that would involve participation from all of the Bible classes in the Church School. Each class in the school was asked to select a Bible verse that somehow reflected the theme and character of the … Read more

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Thanksgiving Scriptures

Psalms 95:2 (GW)Let’s come into His presence with a song of thanksgiving. Psalms 100 (GW)Shout happily to the Lord, all the earth. Serve the Lord cheerfully, Come into His presence with a joyful song. Realize that the Lord alone is God.He made us, and we are His. We are His people and the sheep in … Read more

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Read The Bible Through In 2002

In a concerted effort to combat the deep moral decay, violence, and evil influences in our nation the International Bible Reading Association [IBRA] and Bible Pathway International Ministries have initiated “Read The Bible Through In 2002,” as the keynote phrase of the 2002 National Bible Reading Restoration Movement. The movement is initiated by a concern … Read more

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