Ban Azerbaijan National Team and Flag from the Olympics

~ Have you heard about Azerbaijan’s ethnic cleansing of the Christian Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh? ~ Today, Christian Solidarity International (CSI)  has launched a campaign to ban Azerbaijan’s national team and flag from the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris, in response to Azerbaijan’s ethnic cleansing of the Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh. This atrocity crime was … Read more

ISIS Murders Christians in the DRC

~ Open Doors Statement on ISIS Murder of Christians in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) ~  A recent ISIS attack in the Democratic Republic of Congo resulted in more than 80 Christians murdered in the Masala area of Beni. While these attacks are not new, the 2024 World Watch List dossier for the DRC reveals that these acts … Read more

Nigerian Christians Under Attack Still Stand Firm

“If not for the help of God, I would have been beaten to death. If not for God’s grace, I would have died.” Pastor Emmanuel Maigairi Voice of the Martyrs reports that Pastor Emmanuel Maigairi had just finished praying with his wife and mother-in-law when the sound of gunfire erupted outside their home in Nigeria’s … Read more

2024 Open Doors World Watch List’s Top 50 Countries Where Christians Face Extreme Persecution

~ 2024 Open Doors World Watch List Report Reveals Top 50 Countries Where Christians Face Extreme Persecution ~ Islamic militants and autocratic regimes intensify danger for sub-Saharan African Christians The 2024 Open Doors World Watch List, widely viewed as the most trustworthy and comprehensive analysis of global Christian persecution, is now available. Respected for its … Read more

Why is Ukraine Persecuting Christians and Imprisoning Priests?

~ Ukraine seeks to eradicate Ukrainian Orthodox Church ~ Tucker Carlson recently reported on the persecution of Christians in the oldest denomination in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church following the founding of the OCU church by the Ukrainian government. Persecution includes the imprisonment of priests and the conscription of church members. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church … Read more

Open Letter from The Covenant School

~ An open letter of gratitude from The Covenant School to the Nashville community ~ “It has been a little over four weeks since March 27. Four weeks since a line was drawn in the sand of our lives at Covenant, a line marking before and after, a line marking the moment when life changed, … Read more


Christian Solidarity International Freed 1500 Slaves in Sudan in 2022

~ Christian Solidarity International freed another 1500 slaves in Sudan in 2022 ~ Through donations from around the globe as well as partnerships with media personalities such as Kevin McCullough and Eric Metaxas, Christian Solidarity International (CSI) freed another 1500 slaves in Sudan in 2022. Since their efforts began over 25 years ago, CSI has … Read more


2023 World Watch List: Persecution of Christians

~ 2023 World Watch List: Radical violence sweeps across Sub-Saharan Africa destabilizing nations with no end in sight ~ Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) faces a vast humanitarian catastrophe, as a wave of religiously motivated violence nurtured in Nigeria (7) has swept across the region, targeting Christian populations at an alarming rate in countries like Burkina Faso … Read more


Religious Prisoner of Conscience Leah Sharibu Enslaved by ISIS

Photo of Nigerian children

~Faith over Fear: Leah Sharibu, Religious Prisoner of Conscience Enslaved by ISIS~ Nigeria and the world have been inspired by Leah Sharibu’s heroic show of faith over fear. The African nation remains a hotbed of escalating genocide against Christians as reports have shown the situation in Nigeria has been rapidly deteriorating for years. The kidnappings … Read more


International Religious Freedom Summit Spotlights Religious Prisoners of Conscience

~International Religious Freedom Summit to spotlight religious prisoners of conscience~ Ahead of the International Religious Freedom Summit 2022 (IRF), organizers of this year’s summit have announced the continuation of the Global Campaign for Religious Prisoners of Conscience, an initiative to spotlight the hardships that people who are imprisoned for their beliefs endure. By highlighting individual stories and hosting special … Read more



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