Prayer for the Frontliners & Health Workers

IF YOU WANT TO BE THE GREATEST ONE, THEN LIVE AS ONE CALLED TO SERVE OTHERS. Mark 10:43 This prayer for all the frontliners and health workers during the Coronavirus Pandemic is presented by the free YouVersion app from LifeChurch. Christian Activities is running this article again in honor of National Nurses Week. Prayer for … Read more Prayer for the Frontliners & Health Workers

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The Gift of Faith

A true story about the Gift of Faith for Christmas by Carl Mays Near the beginning of the Great Depression in the early 1930s, the large Canaday family was having a difficult time. As Christmas approached, the seven children asked Mom and Dad about what presents they might get. Dad explained the situation, that they … Read more The Gift of Faith

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Fourth of July Thoughts

Is the Fourth of July going to be different for you this year? One thing is true about tragedy, slumbering eyes are ripped wide open by cold, harsh reality. We are left with just the rearview mirror and a perspective only to be absorbed from afar. Appreciating with more intensity, what was once there but … Read more Fourth of July Thoughts

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