Bizarre Media Response to Attempted Assassination of Former President Trump

~ The mainstream media failed miserably in its reporting of the assassination attempt on former President Donald J. Trump ~ Media Response to Attempted Assassination of Former President Donald Trump The attempted assassination of a former president is no small thing, certainly not when that man is also a current presidential candidate. However, although Donald … Read more

Former President Trump Assassination Attempt

~ Updated July 14: Former President Donald Trump was shot July 13 in Pennsylvania ~ Former President Trump Assassination Attempt Today Results in Death, Injury While at a campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania July 13, Former President Donald Trump was shot in the upper ear. News footage shows the presidential candidate reaching for his ear … Read more

List of Companies Replacing Women with Men Dressed as Female

~ UPDATED LIST–Companies replacing women with men: Why are businesses replacing real women with male caricatures of women in their ads? Full list of companies erasing women at the end of the article. ~ On May 14, 2023, we began keeping a partial record of the companies which are erasing women by replacing them with … Read more


Alex McFarland Lambasts Biden’s Double Standard at White House LGBTQ ‘Pride’ Event

The Cove

~ Alex McFarland lambasts Biden’s double standard at White House LGBTQ Pride event ~ The recent White House LGBTQ Pride event has drawn criticism across the board, with many people outraged that the rainbow flag flew the same height as the American flag as well as the outright nudity on the White House lawn. After the salacious inappropriate display, which … Read more


Parents Have a Duty & Constitutional Right to Protect Their Children

~ Telios Law Founder Theresa Lynn Sidebotham laments lawmaker’s cavalier attitude toward parental rights ~ Parents are not only the ones with the best knowledge on how to help and protect their children, but they also have a constitutional right to do so. Telios Law Founder Theresa Lynn Sidebotham Parents Have a Right to Protect Their … Read more


Campus Reform Looks at ‘Trans’ & ‘Queer Theory’ in K-12 Schools

~ MAP: Transgenderism and “Queer Theory” in K-12 schools in all Continental United States ~ WARNING: Graphic descriptions of book contents Campus Reform conducted a survey and identified at least one instance of a transgender/queer theory children’s book in the 49 Continental United States  The map below shows where these schools were identified by Campus … Read more


Increasing Communist-Style Violence Against Christian Churches

~ Free rein given to increasing Communist-style violence against American Christian churches in 2023 ~ ‘The Biden administration appears to be either unwilling or unable to bring people to justice’ AFA Increasing Communist-Style Violence Against American Churches in 2023 An addendum to a study documenting violence against at least 69 Christian churches in the Unoited … Read more



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