Bible in a Year with Jack Graham Leads Religion Podcast List

~ New Season of ‘Bible in a Year with Jack Graham’ on Tops Religion Podcasts Charts, Inviting Listeners to Dive Deeper with God ~ Bible in a Year with Jack Graham, the leading app for prayer and faith-based audio content, announces season 2 of “Bible in a Year with Jack Graham” has hit … Read more

Stevie Rizo Drops ‘Go Jehovah’ for New Year

~ Stevie Rizo drops latest release, ‘Go Jehovah’ ~ Rising music sensation Stevie Rizo is ready to set the stage ablaze for the New Year with his latest release, “Go Jehovah.” The artist, known for his distinctive sound and captivating lyrics, wrapped up 2023 with an impressive career milestone, accumulating over 9 million streams on Apple Music and Spotify, and … Read more

Counting Blessings in the New Year

From our archives: As you are reading this, we have welcomed in a brand new year. Can you believe we are this far into the 21st century? When I was a child, the year 2000 seemed so far away. It was the stuff of science fiction with the likes of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers … Read more

John Wesley’s New Year Prayer

~ Born in 1793, John Wesley was an 18th-century Methodist leader. This was his New Year prayer. ~ John Wesley’s New Years Prayer: “I am no longer my own, but thine. Put me to whatever Thou wilt. Rank me withwhomever Thou wilt. Put me to doing; put me to suffering; let me be employedfor Thee; … Read more

Artist New Year’s Resolution for 2007

Happy New Year hats

~ How many of these artists from 2007 do you remember? This is what they were thinking about for New Years Eve back then.~ Fernando Ortega – to practice piano more Michelle Tumes – To honor the resolutions of past years i.e. stick to the calling of God and not worry about the outcome. Bonafide … Read more

Good-bye 2020: Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

Isaiah 40: 30, 31

Saying Good-Bye to 2020. 2020 was ushered in with ominous rumors of a new form of the common cold — Coronavirus. Little did we know how Coronavirus would dominate 2020. Before we knew it, Coronavirus turned into COVID-19 and became a pandemic. The novel coronavirus changed the way we live. For one thing, it changed … Read more


Gretchen Keskeys’ Year-End Recording, ‘The 12 Months of 2020’

A Great Way to Finish the Year–Gretchen Keskeys Offers Lighthearted Holiday Fun with a Musical Look Back at This Past Year, “The 12 Months of 2020″ Gretchen Keskeys “The 12 Months of 2020” This Christmas season, Gretchen Keskeys is offering a little fun relief from this pandemic year with her original recording, “The 12 Months of … Read more



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