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~ Free Games at Math & educational website adds free card and board games for kids and kids at heart ~ Known for its free calculators, recently, the math and educational website added an online gaming section which first focused on educational math games. Then they decided to add a variety of other … Read more

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~ Free games online: offers free, family-friendly card & mind games ~ Christian Activities has examined the history of Christian video games and looked at sites that offer free Christian games online, but there are other sites that have fun online games to offer that are family friendly, even if not truly Christian games. … Read more

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~A look at several websites that offer free Christian Games Online; Part 2 in a series on online Christian gaming~ We took a look at the popularity of video gaming in our previous article, Christian Video Games 101. Now we will highlight websites that offer Christian games online for free. Christian online games are definitely … Read more

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The Rank Game Is Fun for Family, Friends–A Review

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The Rank Game encourages family and friends to turn off their devices and have fun getting to know each other. Includes optional Faith Expansion Pack. -> Click now and get 20% off The Rank Game! Most people are aware of the dismal statistics or news stories about how technology, screen time, advertising and social media … Read more

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Win a Free Copy of The Rank Game–Contest!

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You could win a FREE Copy of the Rank Game in our latest contest drawing for Saint Patrick’s Day! (Contest now over.) -> Click now and get 20% off The Rank Game! It may not be a pot of gold, but you can enter The Rank Game contest to win the latest family-friendly game on … Read more

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The Rank Game Is Coming!

New: The Rank Game Is Coming! How well do you know your friends? The Rank Game is the game about you and your people—your likes and dislikes. It’s a card-based game that gamifies how well you know your family and friends. The ranker ranks four items, and the guessers guess how you’ve ranked those items … Read more

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Heavenly Harmony Karaoke Game Announced

Heavenly Harmony Karaoke Game & Heavenly Harmony Gold EMI Christian Music Group (CMG) Distribution and Cloud 9 Games share a vision to grow the family entertainment genre that has begun with the just released Heavenly Harmony, a karaoke and vocal performance game and companion Christian Rock expansion pack and will continue this fall with the … Read more

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Isles of Derek – Video Game Review

Isles of Derek–Bible-based video game I have to say when I looked at this game I had very low expectations that it would please me. However after getting further and further into the imaginary world of “Isles of Derek” I couldn’t help but be amazed how well done this game actually is. Graphics: The graphics … Read more

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The Bible Game for PlayStation2 and Xbox

Crave Entertainment, a leading publisher of console videogames, today announced they have shipped The Bible Game for PlayStation2 computer entertainment system and Xbox video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. The Bible Gamecombines wholesome family fun with an engaging challenge of Biblical knowledge, and is available at retailers throughout North America for a MSRP of … Read more

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