Gaithers on ‘Touched by an Angel’

Gaithers Get Touched! Gaither Vocal Band on ‘Touched by an Angel’ Recently Christian boy-band Plus One made a guest appearance on “Touched by an Angel.” Now the Gaithers will appear on ‘Touched by an Angel.’ The Gaither Vocal Band, Gloria Gaither and several Gaither Homecoming regulars have recently taped a two-part “Touched by an Angel” … Read more

Two Gaither Generations in CCM

When contemporary Christian music got its start, it wasn’t immediately accepted by the entire church. If a piece of music wasn’t a hymn, some thought, it didn’t honor God. Some believed it was irreverent to get a little excited about Jesus. But what was considered outlandish back then is a normal part of today’s typical … Read more

Allison Durham Speer at Park Avenue Baptist Church

Gospel singer Allison Durham Speer, brings her gospel stylings to Park Avenue Baptist Church at 6:00 pm on October 29. Speer is one of the regulars on the Bill Gaither Homecoming serieis With five projects under her belt, and having performed on the 700 Club and the Pat Boone Show, Allison is no stranger to … Read more


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