EMI and Walt Disney Studios to Release Projects Inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia

EMI Music — the world’s largest independent music company — recently announced plans to partner with Walt Disney Studios and Walden Media to produce two soundtracks of music inspired by what is one of 2005’s most anticipated films, a live action adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ best-selling classic, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch … Read more

Dispatch from Narnia 2

  “You’re It?” The Narnians and Prince Caspian were expecting grown-ups to come to help them save Narnia, and were surprised (and a bit dismayed) when children arrived instead. Kids are wildly optimistic about their capabilities. If you ask a classroom full of first graders, “Who in here is creative?” you’ll get every hand raised … Read more

Newsboys and Jump5 on Extreme Skate Adventure

Extreme Skate Adventure with Newsboys and Jump5 newest video game from Activision, Inc. Sparrow Records groups Newsboys and Jump5 have made their mark on the latest video game from Activision, Inc., Extreme Skate Adventure, where they will both be featured on the upcoming Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure video game. Newsboys “Live In Stereo” and Jump5’s … Read more


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