A Christian Perspective on Twilight

Twilight, the book by Mormon mom Stephanie Meyer, is that rare phenomena – an exciting book about virtue, conscience, and good, old-fashioned morals and manners. If you enjoy old Bronte sisters and Jane Austin novels about brooding, noble, self-sacrificing heroes, this book is for you. Twilight’s Edward Cullen is an unexpected delight, a superhero who … Read more

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Dispatch from Narnia 2

  “You’re It?” The Narnians and Prince Caspian were expecting grown-ups to come to help them save Narnia, and were surprised (and a bit dismayed) when children arrived instead. Kids are wildly optimistic about their capabilities. If you ask a classroom full of first graders, “Who in here is creative?” you’ll get every hand raised … Read more

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What’s Up in Music: August 2005

Downhere has inked a new record deal with Centricity Records. “The opportunity to work with John Mays and the Centricity team is something we’ve been looking forward to for quite a few months now,” said guitarist and vocalist Marc Martel. “We’re due for some new material out there, and Centricity really resonates with us on … Read more

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