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If you enjoy our articles about Christian arts and entertainment and our occasional news story, you can easily support Christian Activities every time you shop Amazon.
When you use for your online shopping, you can underwrite Christian Activities online without spending any extra money! Simply clicking our link to connect to Amazon when you shop earmarks a small percentage of each purchase price to Christian Activities Publications without costing you any extra money. Every time you use an Amazon link on our site to shop, Amazon sends us a small percent of the purchase price of anything you buy. Look for that link at the bottom of every article.
Also, if you save the following link and use it when you shop Amazon, the affiliate fee goes straight to us while your costs don’t go up a bit!
Unfortunately, the link cannot be bookmarked. You would have to save this article page or save the actual link to your computer or in a saved email draft — something that will preserve the entire link for it to benefit us each time you use it.
So when you shop Amazon, please remember to use our link so it blesses Christian Activities each time you shop.
You can also simply make a donation via Paypal.
We offer classified ads, display ads, and ads in our BLAST! Contact us for more information.
Other Ways to Help
Other ways to support us are by shopping the Google ads on our site.
Your financial support is not only an encouragement to us, it is the fuel that keeps us running. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.
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