Super Bowl Soldier’s Slap

Before the Super Bowl, the announcer asked for a moment of silence for Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King.
He then asked for a moment of silence for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The announcer did not ask for a moment of silence for anyone else. Aretha Franklin and Aaron Neville then sang the National Anthem.
What about the brave American soldiers fighting so that the rest of the world could watch the Super Bowl?
If our soldiers deserve anything, it is our respect and our prayers. How many soldiers and freedom loving people were slapped it the face by the snub from the NFL and ABC?
Last week ABC spent the majority of their on air time coverage of the war in Iraq reporting on the progress of their anchor Bob Woodruff. ABC seems to care more about how they look covering the war than reporting an accurate picture of the war.
Last year the Rolling Stones made headlines when they released the song “Sweet Neo-Con” which is reportedly about President Bush. The NFL should have had the wisdom to can the Stones then. When the Stones performed at half-time they sure didn’t get any satisfaction from the American fans in the stands, most of who did not even applaud.
I am proud to say that I am a Florida Gators fan. Before every game a moment of silence is held for our brave soldiers. At this year’s Florida-Florida State game they played about a dozen clips on the closed circuit TV system in the stadium between plays. The clips were from soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan saying go Gators or go Seminoles.
I was amazed how quite 85,000 fans got when those clips came on. The quite respect shown by Gator and Seminole fans made me proud to be an American. After the solder revealed which team they supported the fans cheered. The Gator and Seminole fans showed that they were members of one team, the American team.
The producers of the Super Bowl, the NFL and ABC do not seem to understand that they can no longer use this major part of the American culture to divide the American people.
After the Super Bowl anti-American slap in boycotting the American soldier, has the time come for the American people to boycott ABC and the NFL??
Chuck Pardee is the President of


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