Straight Talk Radio Program

Stephen and Irene Bennett, husband and wife, founders of Stephen Bennett Ministries, Inc., announce the launching of their national radio program, Straight Talk Radio, scheduled to debut in eight states on October 31.
Formerly a daily one-minute public service announcement running on numerous Christian and Conservative radio stations, Straight Talk Radio has been “revamped” into a new, lively, daily half-hour program.
To listen to Straight Talk Radio’s 30 second trailer and show intro, please click on the links: and
Straight Talk Radio is one of the very first – if not the first – daily, national Conservative Christian radio programs to deal exclusively with the number one, most controversial issue facing our culture today – homosexuality.
“Straight Talk Radio will feature the most outspoken guests, tackle tough issues and host very lively debates, while injecting a blend of adrenaline, compassion and a bit of humor,” said Stephen. “When Irene and I get behind the microphones, watch out. There’s no telling what’s going to happen. That’s what makes Straight Talk Radio so exciting and unique.”
Irene replied, “I believe Straight Talk Radio is going to catch on like wildfire and resonate with many individuals worldwide. We are going to educate, encourage, engage and equip people to understand this extremely important issue. I can easily see several hundred new radio stations within a year’s time. We are already discussing syndication with a major radio network. There just is no other radio program out there like this.”
What makes Straight Talk Radio even more unique are the hosts themselves.

Stephen Bennett is a former homosexual who abandoned his 11-year promiscuous homosexual lifestyle, along with a long term homosexual relationship, after becoming a Christian in 1992. Irene, who became a Christian in the 80’s, was never involved in homosexuality. Fully knowing Stephen’s past, Irene accepted Stephen’s proposal for marriage in 1993 without any reservations.
Today, happily married over 12 years with two beautiful little children, the Bennetts travel and speak worldwide, educating people on the truths of homosexuality and dispelling many of the myths and misinformation promoted by homosexual activists and organizations.
In the last year and half alone, Stephen and Irene have spoken at over 75 events worldwide – from churches, television interviews and debates, to major conferences and national rallies.
In the next two weeks alone, the Bennetts are scheduled to speak in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Texas and Canada.
While the Bennett’s primarily minister full-time as evangelists to the homosexual community and provide support for their families, the couple firmly believes they have a dual calling. Stephen and Irene publicly and unashamedly address the issues of homosexuality, the homosexual agenda, and its effects on our children and culture.
“We have two little kids who are growing up in a very different world than we did as children. I bring to the table the undeniable truth that I was not born homosexual, and that homosexual men and women can completely change,” said Stephen.
Stephen, Irene and Straight Talk Radio: the Perfect Match
“Stephen and Irene were meant for radio. Depending on ‘which side of the fence’ you are on, you’ll either love ’em or hate ’em. With each broadcast, you will never know if you’ll be laughing, crying or simply in shock at what’s really going on in our culture,” said Amanda Sova, Director of Media Relations for Straight Talk Radio. “As a couple, the Bennetts are extremely educated and articulate on the issues and compliment each other so well. Straight Talk Radio will address timely headlines dealing with a wide gamut of topics, stories, compelling testimonies, intriguing interviews and lively debates on the homosexual issue from a pro-family perspective. The program will also offer hope and encouragement to those struggling, as well as providing support and resources for family members, loved ones and friends.”
The Bennetts say they will finally have their ‘uncensored voice’ to proclaim the truth about homosexuality, educate individuals and confront the homosexual agenda and its proponents head on – by a man who’s been on ‘both sides’ of the fence.
“For the last 13 years my husband has been repeatedly told he does not exist. As my loving husband and the wonderful father of our two children, I tell you Stephen does exist – and I am proud and humbled to be his wife. Stephen is a living testimony to the life changing power of Jesus Christ,” Irene said.
Stephen replied, “I’m very excited about Straight Talk Radio. I can guarantee you, this will not be a dull show by any means, nor will we be whacking people over the head with the Bible. Make no mistake though, God’s Word will boldly go forth. We’re going to tackle many issues and stories few would dare to touch, even injecting a bit of the ‘Bennett’ humor (never though at the expense of any individual, well except maybe myself.)”
Straight Talk Radio will debut on one of the largest 50,000 watt Christian AM stations in America, KLTT 670 AM in Denver, CO, part of the Crawford Broadcasting Network. Other radio stations interested in carrying the program can call Straight Talk Radio at (203) 926-6960.
Irene said, “Ultimately, Straight Talk Radio’s main purpose is to bring truth, hope, healing and education to all those who listen – through glorifying Jesus Christ.”
Straight Talk Radio will also stream daily worldwide on demand at
Stephen and Irene are available for media interviews regarding their new radio program Straight Talk Radio by contacting Amanda Sova, Director of Media Relations, 203-926-6960
The Hosts’ Background
The Bennetts have been featured on many major radio, television and cable network programs including CBS, NBC, The WB Network, ABC’s World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The O’Reilly Factor, CNN with Anderson Cooper, Sean Hannity, At Large with Geraldo Rivera, The BBC and more. They also have appeared on numerous Christian radio and television programs including Billy Graham, The 700 Club, TBN, Concerned Women for America, Family News in Focus, American Family Radio, Faith Under Fire with Lee Strobel, Janet Parshall’s America, Truths That Transform and The Coral Ridge Hour with Dr. D. James Kennedy.
Stephen and Irene have been featured in The Associated Press, The Washington Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, Charisma Magazine and other print media. Stephen has appeared as a feature speaker with other Christian and pro-family figures such as Dr. Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention, Tim and Beverly LaHaye, Tim Wildmon, Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, Sandy Rios, Linda Harvey, David Barton, Dave Hunt, Hal Lindsey, Dr. Laura Schlesinger and others.
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