St. Patrick’s Day Poem

Marauding raiders from Ireland captured Patrick in Britain at age sixteen at his parents’ estate, up ’til that time in Patrick’s life, things were just great.
He was taken to Ireland and sold to the highest bidder into slavery; a boy on his own was left in the wilderness to tend sheep, with nothing
more than his bravery.
Patrick survived for six years tending the sheep, continually praying and developing his relationship with God, and even praying in his sleep.
After six years of tending sheep, Patrick had an idea to just walk away, with nobody guarding him, there was no reason to stay.
From County Mayo, where Patrick was being held, to the coast was a two hundred mile trip, Patrick traveled this distance and boarded a ship.
Heading back to Britain, to study for the priesthood was his plan, and fifteen years later as an ordained Priest, returned to Ireland.
Patrick began molding Christianity with Irish customs and converting pagans to Christ, not as the old fable goes, ridding Ireland of its mice.
After a lifetime of service of bringing people to the lord, Patrick obtained Sainthood from the Church, as his final reward.

The name of the author of this poem was lost when we moved to a new server. 

From our archives March 10, 2011. 

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