Skitzo Drama Team: Wacky Witnesses to the Gospel

Chris Hurt’s favorite part of youth conferences has always been the drama ministry. He still remembers the days when he would watch performers like The Skits Guys and Tommy Toombs and imagine himself being on stage performing the skits.
Today, Hurt is living his dream. Along with being the student pastor at LifeWay Baptist Fellowship Church in Amarillo, Texas, he is one-half of the drama team known to youth across Texas as “Skitzo.”
The other-half of this dynamic duo is Terri Taylor, who is a third grade teacher in Amarillo. “I met Terri at a Super Summer over 10 years ago,” Hurt said. “She and my wife have been friends for a long time. After I accepted the call to ministry at LifeWay Baptist Fellowship Church, Terri and I began performing skits for the congregation and we received positive feedback. From there, youth pastor friends would have us perform at their camps and events, and God began opening up more opportunities.”
Through the years, Skitzo has performed at a variety of events including youth camps, retreats, evangelistic outreaches, Disciple Now weekends and conferences. Their skits have presented messages about evangelism, love, God’s character, hypocrisy, and many other topics.
“Skitzo communicates Biblical truth to students through skits and games,” Hurt said. “Our desire is to show people that God is joy, and that as Christians, we can laugh and have fun together. We communicate God’s word in a way that is usually funny, yet, it has a point that we can all learn from. We use humor to make a serious point about salvation through performance comedy.”
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