SJR 127 Fails in Committee

“I gave my word that I wouldn’t run this bill if I didn’t have the votes. I do not have the votes, I will withdraw my motion (to discharge SJR 127.)” — Pro-Life Democrat Mike Turner (D-Nashville) during
Tuesday meeting of House Health Committee
Pro-life efforts to resurrect SJR 127 from the health sub-committee failed today when key pro-life democrats refused to support the resolution. Twelve votes in support of the ‘motion to discharge’ were necessary in order to place SJR 127 on the agenda for debate by the full Health committee. However, pro-life democrats Rep. Dennis Ferguson (D-Kingston) and Rep. David Shepard (D-Dickson) made clear to both Right to Life and prime sponsor Rep. Mike Turner (D-Nashville) that they would not support the pro-life resolution in committee.
In addition, pro-life committee member Rep. John DeBerry (D-Memphis) would not commit to supporting the resolution despite his ‘co-sponsorship’ and arrived late to the committee room after the ‘motion to discharge’ SJR 127 had already been withdrawn by the sponsor.
Pro-life Tennesseans should contact their own state representative to urge support for moving SJR 127 forward before the end of session.
Members of the Health committee committed to supporting SJR 127: Crider, DuBois, Eldridge, Hargett, Harrison, Hensley, Mumpower, Overbey, Patton, Mike Turner (D).
Members of the Health committee committed to opposing SJR 127: Armstrong, Pruitt, Borchert, Lois DeBerry, Dennis Ferguson (D-Kingston, 615-741-7658), Jones, Marrero, Odom, David Shepard (D-Dickson, 615-741-3513), Sontany, Brenda Turner.
Uncommitted prior to Committee: John DeBerry (D-Memphis, 615-741-2239).
The Legislative Switchboard: (615) 741-3011 or Toll Free: 1-800-449-8366+1+last four digits of office phone number.
“We remain committed to pursuing every possible option to allow Tennesseans to vote on SJR 127,” said Brian Harris, president of Tennessee Right to Life. “We are confident that Tennesseans will ultimately insist on the right to determine public policy for ourselves rather than be dictated by activist court judges. To do anything less is unacceptable and falls short of the ideals of our democratic process.”


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