Nigerian Scammers Turn to Romance Scamming

Web //–> Romance scamming has become the fastest growing scam on the Internet. The scammers have discovered a new, wide open “hunting ground” for their scams in the Internet Dating Industry, serving 45 million US singles every month along with many more in Canada, Europe and Asia. As their standard “419 Letters” require more work to generate less money, scammers have found that doing their scamming via Internet dating websites to be a lucrative and more successful alternative. Now…

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Are You Valentine Worthy?

Web //–> Do you ever wonder if you are lovable, wanted, sought after or if anyone truly cares about you?! If you are a “child of God” (have asked Christ to forgive you come into your heart and save you, Romans 10:9-10) then get ready to put away all of those doubts! Read this passage of scripture and let the truth of it grip your heart and secure your worth. “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?…

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A Flower Says It Beautifully

Web //–> Perhaps, the most popular gift all over the world is the gift of flowers. Whether it is a carefully chosen bouquet of flowers or just a stem, it is sure to convey a warm feeling to the recipient. It’s not only because the flowers are beautiful and their fragrance is exhilarating, they carry the freshness of nature and the world outside with them. They appeal to all our senses and brighten up our homes and our hearts….

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Holiday Season Amplifies Hurt of Separation and Divorce: Economic Woes Add to Pressure

Web People in the middle of separation or divorce often face Thanksgiving and Christmas with dread. Long-standing family traditions are shattered; the hope and joy that normally accompany the season are replaced by loneliness and depression. This year’s economic downturn will add even more pressure on people who are separated or divorced and facing already-difficult financial circumstances. DivorceCare, an international network of divorce recovery support groups, has launched a special hope-filled “Surviving the Holidays” website to offer practical…

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Single Adults Seek Continuous Improvement

Intently concentrating on my shopping list, shutting out distractions around me in the school supply aisle at Wal-mart, I was suddenly startled by a familiar voice of an old friend I hadn’t seen in ages. “Hey, Kim! Are you going broke yet spending a fortune on school supplies for Matthew?” My friend Amy, a mother of four, tosses boxes of crayons into her full cart of school clothes and supplies. I imagine she’s spending her whole paycheck on them. “No….

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Catchers of Men

Web When I went through my divorce, I wondered if I’d ever find that special someone again. The old phrase “plenty of fish in the sea” was tossed at me from all angles. I often felt like a guppy thrown into a sea of sharks. At other times I felt like a canned sardine, stuck in my stifled existence until the right person came along and opened the can to free me. Then there were the times that…

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Christian Singles Classifieds

Web //–> CATEGORIES: • BUSINESS/JOB OPPORTUNITIES • BUY/TRADE/SELL • CHILDREN • EDUCATION • FAMILY • FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT • HEALTH & WELLNESS • MAYBERRY • MUSIC • PATRIOTIC PRODUCTS • PETS • PUBLICATIONS • FOR RENT • SERVICES • SINGLES/DATING • TRAVEL • YOUTH onmouseover=”window.status=””; return true;” onmouseout=”window.status=””; return true;” > border=”0″ width=”468″ height=”60″ > _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ EHARMONY – Fall In Love For All The Right Reasons ___________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ onmouseover=”window.status=””; return true;” onmouseout=”window.status=””; return true;” > border=”0″ width=”468″ height=”60″ >…

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Ministering to Single Parents

Web Buy the CD’s! I recently received an email from a fellow that wanted to start a ministry for single parents. He asked for any tips or advice on how to go about starting such a ministry. His thoughtful email got me to thinking about the various things I had seen churches do for single parents and it made me realize how often the needs of this group are neglected. Single parents have the same needs as any…

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Sawdust or a Plank?

Web I’ve always been a bit suspicious of anyone who is overly outspoken about their happy marriage when flirting suggestively with someone else. One of the strangest cases, on a political board I used to frequent, was the case of Christine. Much like the car of Stephen King fame, Christine was the stuff of nightmares. She had been posting on this particular board for about four month, and had already been through seven ID’s that we knew of….

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onmouseover=”window.status=””; return true;” onmouseout=”window.status=””; return true;” > border=”0″ width=”468″ height=”60″ > Single, single, single…Why in the world do people, especially couples, think that being single is some sort of disease?!? Something that they must fix right away! Oh, I hear you are single……let me see, I have a neighbor that has a cousin that is passing through town in a month and she is single too. I’m sure I could set you two up on a date! Oh she has…

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