Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Restaurants

Web //–> onmouseover=”window.status=””; return true;” onmouseout=”window.status=””; return true;” > border=”0″ width=”468″ height=”60″ > Whenever one plans an outing or food for that matter, the first thing that comes to mind is a restaurant. Presence of innumerable food shops and eating places has always been a part of our social lives. The restaurants, a French invention, began to appear on the social scenario in the later half of 18th century. A Tavern and a restaurant are different from each other…

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Forming A Love Map While Dating

Web //–> While driving faster than the speed limit on the highway may get to your destination faster, is it worth the risk? Rushing through dating can be just as risky to your emotions. While some people believe that marriage is the only way to decide if a relationship is the right one, the creating a love map while dating is a safer way to be prepared for the inevitable potholes and detours on the road of life. If…

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Act Like Somebody!

Web //–> When Sheriff Andy Taylor sent his young son Opie off to school on “The Andy Griffith Show,” on at least one occasion his parting words were, “Do a good day’s work and act like Somebody!” This may sound odd or even pretentious to the modern ear, but in the South in the 1960’s, such an admonition simply meant: You are special. Act like it! So many times we singles don’t have close family to support us emotionally,…

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Web //–> onmouseover=”window.status=””; return true;” onmouseout=”window.status=””; return true;” > border=”0″ width=”468″ height=”60″ > When I was growing up in the 1940’s, I loved reading the children’s fantasy stories by the English writer, Enid Blyton. They led me into the world of make-believe, and I soon had a strong belief in the powers of the wishing well, where wishes always seemed to come true. Hearing that there was a wishing well half-way up a hill in my home town, I…

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Diamonds: Mighty Minerals

Web //–> The diamond is so timeless that it outlasts even the longest marriages. Diamonds began to be mined in India around 800 B.C. Before the Middle Ages, diamonds around the world were seen as protective objects against evil or good luck charms, and valued for their ability to reflect light. According to an Australian diamond merchant, legend has it that some mine owners perpetuated a myth that diamonds were poisonous to prevent miners from swallowing them and taking…

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More Than Just A Hand: Helping Single Parents in Creative Ways

Web //–> Thirteen years later, I remain a single parent. And, over these past years, I have thought of many ways others can help single parents beyond the need for groceries, financial help and babysitting. Some of these ideas come from those who have helped me or other single parents I come in contact with, other ideas from unmet needs I’ve had over the years. It seems the holidays are the roughest on any single parent. The higher the…

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Pilgrim’s Prognosis

Web //–> A couple of weeks ago the man who mows my yard left a note on my door saying unless I paid him more money he would no longer cut my yard. Not wanting to be a victim of highway robbery, I decided I would try to mow my rather steep hill myself with a reel mower since the thought of operating a power mower on that hill terrifies me. Three days later as I worked at my…

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You Don’t Have to Sparkle to Be Chosen by God!

Web //–> You don’t have to sparkle to be chosen by God! He is the One who puts the shine on you! God often chooses outcasts and foreigners to glorify His Name. The big misconception that you need to have a righteous or holy background to be chosen is wrong. The only prerequisite to any ministry is a heart of faith, humbleness and surrender. He is not interested in the glitter or origin of the instrument, only the willingness…

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Nigerian Scammers Turn to Romance Scamming

Web //–> Romance scamming has become the fastest growing scam on the Internet. The scammers have discovered a new, wide open “hunting ground” for their scams in the Internet Dating Industry, serving 45 million US singles every month along with many more in Canada, Europe and Asia. As their standard “419 Letters” require more work to generate less money, scammers have found that doing their scamming via Internet dating websites to be a lucrative and more successful alternative. Now…

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Are You Valentine Worthy?

Web //–> Do you ever wonder if you are lovable, wanted, sought after or if anyone truly cares about you?! If you are a “child of God” (have asked Christ to forgive you come into your heart and save you, Romans 10:9-10) then get ready to put away all of those doubts! Read this passage of scripture and let the truth of it grip your heart and secure your worth. “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?…

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