Should Teens Watch '13 Reasons Why?' Focus on the Family Weighs In


May 11, 2017
"13 Reasons Why" aimed at teens

A new series on Netflix is causing a lot of controversy—and if you have a teen in your life, you need to know why so many mental health professionals are concerned. The series is called "13 Reasons Why," and it tells the story of a 17-year-old girl who commits suicide and who blames others for what happened.

"13 Reasons Why" stars 21-year-old Katherine Langford, who portrays 17-year-old Hannah Baker. Another issue with the show, much like other teen dramas, is having teens compare themselves and their peers to grown adults posing as teens. Adult themes and adult actors set impressionable teenagers up for unrealistic expectations as well as taking away any remaining innocence.

Read Why We Don’t Think Teens Should Watch ‘13 Reasons Why’ to learn why Focus on the Family you should talk to the teens in your life about this series ... even if they don't actually watch it. The article also shares links to Focus on the Family resources on "13 Reasons Why."


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