‘She is She’ Children’s Book Celebrates What It Means to Be a Girl

~ She is She’ new children’s book, celebrates what it means to be an authentic girl ~

In a world where the word “gender” has been twisted and misused to incorporate new definitions of biological sex, parents need to teach their children what it means to be an authentic boy or girl. Women, especially, are being erased, replaced by biological men who don’t want the responsibilities of manhood and cop out by costuming themselves as women. Led by a progressive media, government and education system, society is being forced to accept these perversions of biology and common sense, formerly recognized as mental illness, as “normal.”

Over the last few years, there has been a surge of children’s books promoting the “progressive” LGBTQ+ agenda, with some expertsclaiming that these books are just a way to “indoctrinate kids into a particular ideology.” This indoctrination of young minds comes on the heels of the nationwide debate about transgenderism, explicit sexual education, and other controversial topics that are being forced into school districts and taught to children of all ages.

A topic that many parents, guardians, and teachers struggle to address is the normalizing of gender and identity confusion among children. Arguments continue to heat up between parents and school boards for protection against overtly sexual transgender and LGBTQ+ literature infiltrating schools. 

One resource to help parents raise mentally healthy little girls is the new book “She Is She” by Ryan and Bethany Bomberger. The Bombergers, co-founders of The Radiance Foundation (Radiance, www.radiance.life), are the authors of the children’s book, “She is She,” a new, age-appropriate book for children that highlights the beauty of what it means to be female in a world desperate to erase women altogether. 

Bethany Bomberger states, “We live in a culture that likes to pretend we don’t know what actually is true. Being a girl is not subjective. ‘She is She’ will explore what it means to be female… and love it! Through rhyme and super cute illustrations this book will counter the lies of gender spectrum politics. This children’s book all about undeniable, biological, beautiful her! God-given femininity is a gift, and it is worth celebrating! 

“I want to empower parents, teachers, faith leaders, and children to know and be able to discuss simple truths. ‘She is She’ aims to counter culture’s harmful rhetoric by acknowledging gender differences and affirming authentic girlhood. We want to shift culture.”

Ryan Bomberger comments, “Our culture is broken and confused. Aside from abortion, nowhere is this confusion more evident than in our very core identity — our sex/gender. God created us male and female and with such beautiful biological differences, of which there are thousands. Tragically, children have become the main target of LGBTQ+ and other ‘woke’ activists who want to peddle political propaganda. Kids are not the testing ground for anyone’s emotional or sexual affirmation. Children deserve their innocence, and they deserve the truth.”

Bethany Bomberger concludes, “Parents today are faced with some of the most challenging and complex conversations between them and their daughters of all ages. How do parents address the onslaught of ads, TikTok videos and the normalizing of gender fluidity in our culture? Parents and guardians need encouragement and support to have age-appropriate conversations with their children — especially their young girls — about their God-given biological identity.”

For more information on The Bomberger’s newest book release, She is She,” visit www.SheIsShe.com. The ‘She is She’ children’s book is available for preorder now.

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