‘She Is She’ a Great Story for Little Girls–Book Review

~ She Is She–a book about your identity ~

Written by Bethany and Ryan Bomberger, the new book “She Is She” is a great story to help little girls find out who they are in a world that seems desperate to erase them. Girls and women are being replaced by biological men who don’t want the responsibilities of manhood and who appropriate the role of women. At the same time, little girls are being they can and should be boys. To counteract this indoctrination, this fun, ryming children’s book goes through some of the basics of girlhood ways in ways that are clearer than “sugar and spice and everything nice.”

She is she.

She is not he.

She is not we.

She is She

Cute drawings by Ed Koehler accompany each line to help illustrate every point in a book that is all about “undeniable, biological, beautiful HER.”

The colorful kid’s story concludes with “She is free, To be who God meant her to be.” But there is more. Following the story are some Bible verses and scientific facts about girls.

The school system is not on your side as a parent. The media is not on your side. Hollywood is not on your side. Disney is not on your side. They will confuse your children with lies and deceit about who and what they are. Libraries are full of books that push a false narrative. If that’s not enough, many libraries sponsor activities to further mislead and confuse little ones.

Your resources as a parent of a little girl are limited, but they are powerful. A good church, a tight-knit Christian family, Sunday School, VBS, Bible stories, and extremely rare books like “She Is She” can help you and your child on the way to a healthy identity.

For more information on She is She,” visit www.SheIsShe.com.

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