Season of Miracles

Through a dramatic healing that happened to her husband Donald, bestselling author Karen Kingsbury, known for her inspirational fiction, was inspired to write her own collection of miracle stories.
Donald was an active, athletic basketball coach who six years ago was diagnosed with a fast-moving, fatal muscular dystrophy – Lou Gherig’s Disease. Struggling with weak muscles and strange twitches, Don had a muscle biopsy which showed positive. The news was devastating. People across the country prayed for Don to be healed. Karen felt God’s presence during that time, assuring her that whatever might happen He would see them through.
Six months later Don went to a specialist in Phoenix for an electromyography to determine which form of M.D. he had and how advanced it was. The test results were immediate and showed absolutely no sign of the disease. He has remained healthy and free from symptoms ever since.
“Miracles,” Karen says, “are the gift of hope. God is still working among us.”
In her new book this Holiday Season, MAGGIES MIRACLE (warner Faith Hardcover; October 14, 2003; $13.95), Karen Kingsbury reminds us once again that even now, Christmas is a time of miraculous possibilities for those who believe.


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