Scarborough Appalled by 2006 Obama Speech



Vision America Action President Rick Scarborough said he agreed wholeheartedly with comments Dr. James Dobson made on his syndicated radio show, “Focus On the Family,” yesterday.

Dobson, whose 30-minute program is carried by more than 1,300 stations in the U.S., commented on a June 28, 2006 speech by Senator Barack Obama (“Call to Renewal”), which is available on the Internet.
“Like my friend Jim Dobson, I was appalled by the Senator’s remarks,” Scarborough disclosed. “This speech showed Obama’s real views on politics and religion. And, I can tell you, the presumptive Democratic nominee is no friend of Bible-believing Christians,” Scarborough added.
In his June 24 program, Dr. Dobson analyzed Obama’s 2006 speech. In it, the Senator declared that America is “no longer just a Christian nation. We are a Muslim nation. We are a Hindu nation. We are a Buddhist nation.”
Scarborough replied: “According to opinion surveys, 76% of the American people are Christians. The number of Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus are statistically insignificant. As a percentage of the population, America is more Christian than Israel is Jewish. It’s more Christian than India is Hindu. Besides, American wasn’t founded on the Koran or the Bhagavad-Gita, but with the Christian Bible.”
In his speech, Obama also compared Dobson to Al Sharpton. “I find this highly offensive,” Scarborough declared. “Dr. Dobson is a revered radio psychologist who applies Judeo-Christian principles to family issues. The Rev. Al Sharpton is a dangerous demagogue who has been accused of inciting violence. Obama’s comparison is an insult to believing Christians.”
In the course of his remarks, Obama proclaimed: “We don’t want faith to belittle or divide – pastors who deliver more screed than sermon.”
Like Dobson, Scarborough found the assertion ironic, noting that the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Obama’s pastor for 20 years, devoted himself to belittling America and dividing Americans along racial lines.
Obama also asserted that Christians can only argue for a political position if they can justify it to non- believers. “Why are secularists allowed to make political arguments based on secular principles but Christians not allowed to take a stand based on the teachings of Jesus?” Scarborough inquired.
“You can learn more about the real Barack Obama by listening to that 2006 speech, than by everything he’s said on the campaign trail,” Scarborough observed. “Like Jim Dobson, I find the real Barack Obama to be quite different from his public persona.”


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