Sanctus Real Aids Sudan

As one of the top Christian rock bands today, Sanctus Real is also about tangibly being the “face of love,” not only with friends and family, but reaching outside of that comfort zone. Hearing about the incredible need in Africa through African Leadership, the band has decided to join forces with the organization to help relieve the plight of that continent.

Sanctus Real will immediately begin raising funds through the organization’s Mocha Club missions work. The funds will be used for relief efforts in Darfur, Sudan, where more than 300,000 people have been killed in the last two years and more than two million people have been displaced. Future efforts will lend support for an orphanage in Kenya where babies have been abandoned because of AIDS, building a school for 380 children in the Sudan, building a village for and rehabilitating young women who were former sex slaves under the Rebel forces in Northern Uganda, funding an orphanage for 134 street children in Kampala, Uganda and building a school amidst the largest slum in East Africa for 400 children in Kibera, Kenya.
“In every way that we can, we’re to give back what God’s given us,” says Sanctus Real front man Matt Hammitt. “As a band, we were looking for an organization that wasn’t trying to pay artists to help. We just wanted to help because we believe in something. With African Leadership, we found a team of people that has really fast, effective ways of getting relief to the people where they need it—like in Darfur where there is a civil war going on and tens of thousands of people are being brutally murdered. People are fleeing to the hills and just don’t have the resources to survive. Little dollars are providing big necessities for these people.”
“The music of Sanctus Real challenges us to be more honest, to live with integrity in our relationship with God and the people around us,” says Larry Warren, African Leadership president. “Now they are pointing the way to demonstrate authentic care in more difficult places, far away, like Darfur, Sudan. When Matt [Hammitt] tells their audience how to save a life for $5 to $10 dollars by providing food and medicine, delivered by African Leadership, and their newly formed Mocha club, then this band is blessing the people of Sudan and the audience who wants to live with the integrity Sanctus Real sings about. I am blessed to know these guys whose attitude is, ‘we will keep speaking out for those in need, as long as there is a need.’”
African Leadership’s Mocha Club is a sponsorship program where for the cost of two mocha coffee drinks per month, people and organizations lend their support to provide a solution to the challenges Africans are facing every day. Individuals who sign up for sponsorship through Sanctus Real will also receive a copy of the band’s current, best-selling CD, The Face of Love.
African Leadership is an organization striving to make a difference by providing HOPE, one leader…one family…one child at a time. They are currently discipling nearly 10,000 pastors and church leaders in 27 African nations. Classrooms range from “under a tree” in the war torn-corners of Sudan to the most densely populated slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Also, through their mission to meet the physical needs of Africans, their leadership network offers life-sustaining Hope to those that God calls “the least” of His children.
Since Sanctus Real broke on the national scene in 2003, the band has looked for opportunities to partner with helps organizations like African Leadership. They have supported Food for the Hungry and Compassion International on recent tours and have contributed to World Vision through proceeds received from their first No. 1 hit and U2 cover, “Beautiful Day,” recorded for the multi-artist project, In The Name Of Love: Artists United For Africa.
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