Sacred Sorrow:


C.W. Ross
Mar 3, 2006

This band isn't worried about being politically correct what they're on is
a mission to share the truth about the Gospel with the hardcore scene. They're taking that battle to the spiritual war front lines with this release
and it's message.

In this release the band shares the Gospel's message of salvation, truth,
hope, love, and God's grace.

The band takes up the Christian flag from the first song, "No Surrender."
The song deals with the need to stay strong and true in your faith and
to not surrender and bend to what the world thinks you should be.

The songs are mostly hardcore is style but you'll also find many punk
touches and even a power ballad entitled, "The Kiss Goodbye."

The songs are filled with wailing guitar parts along side of rapid invigorating
drum beats.

The vocals are very wide ranging, you'll find everything from screamo to
melodic and spoken word used in the songs.

With releases like this one the band's honorable battle will be won.

C.W. Ross is a freelance writer who enjoys listening to and writing about
Christian Music. You can contact him at-

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