Ryan Bomberger’s ‘He Is He’ Book Out

~ Ryan Bomberger’s “He Is He” is the follow-up to his popular “She Is She” children’s book ~

Ryan Bomberger, chief creative officer and co-founder of Radiance Foundation and author of “She Is She,” has released a new pro-life, pro-adoption, pro-science children’s book, “He is He,” which is binary sex-affirming and celebrates what it means to be a boy and a man.

Ryan Bomberger’s “He Is He” Book

In a culture that makes being masculine toxic, “He is He” offers an honest narrative of men, especially fathers, who lovingly provide and protect. 

“God designed males and females with such incredible intentionality,” said Ryan Bomberger. “There are thousands of biological differences between guys and girls, but our culture wants to pretend they don’t exist. Being a boy is not subjective or a figment of someone’s imagination. ‘He is He’ explores what it means to be male… and love it! Through rhyme and super cute illustrations, this children’s picture book counters the lies of “gender spectrum” politics. Kids should never be the testing ground for anyone’s emotional or sexual affirmation.”

“He is He” is available now at www.HeIsHe.org.

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