Ryan Bomberger: Critical Race Theory Is Anti-Christian 

 As critical race theory (CRT) continues to be a prevalent topic in schools and in the media, Ryan Bomberger, creative officer and co-founder of The Radiance Foundation (Radiance, www.radiance.life), is focused on highlighting what unites rather than divides. According to Bomberger, racism in any form is evil, as is every other sin known to humankind. Bomberger argues that today, a new form of racism has emerged through Critical Race Theory. This form of hate is being actively promoted and preached across society, including many churches. 

Bomberger stated, “We are living in a culture where people are being told their skin color confers upon them a fixed status assigned by an elite class of humans who call themselves ‘scholars.’ Ironically, in a culture that rejects the science of binary gender, the progressive priests of CRT demand that we can only be the ‘oppressed’ or the ‘oppressors.’ The elite class wants people and society to see everything through the broken lens of ‘race’—a human construct that has only served to dehumanize people throughout history. They perpetuate a polarizing worldview that encourages us to be emotionally hostile toward one another rather than embracing our shared humanity.

“CRT is a debilitating disease, and like cancer, it is spreading in the body politic and, tragically, in the body of Christ (the Church). Critical race theory is an ideology that is hostile to Christianity in countless ways, namely its rejection of Christianity as ‘white supremacy.’ Despite Scripture’s insistence on the unity of believers and how Christ makes us one (Galatians 3:28), CRT diabolically separates us as it preaches perpetual ‘guilt’ and undeserved ‘privilege’ based solely on one’s skin color.”

Bomberger continued, “CRT activists claim to fight for justice but regularly reject truth and morality. Psalm 89:14 says: ‘Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne. Mercy and truth go before Your face.’ You cannot have justice without mercy (the compassion or forgiveness toward an offender) and truth. To ignore this is to welcome a cancer instead of the cure.”

Bomberger concluded, ”Agenda driven organizations and many in the mainstream media are systemically misinforming the American people about nearly everything. Today, many praise injustice and have no sense of true equality. This confusion is fed by a news media that chooses agenda over actuality, opinion over objectivity, and advocacy over accuracy. In the pursuit of true justice, like Frederick Douglass, I cannot and will not be silent.”

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