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Can a young teenager’s music turn his world inside out? That’s exactly what new artist Robert Pierre is doing with his debut album Inside Out, releasing November 7, 2006 on thinkaboutit records. Although only 13 years old, Robert Pierre connects to both his peers and their parents with a passionate sound and a message of hope, filling the recent void in the tween market.
Inside Out touches on themes of God’s love (“God Is Love”), the difference one person can make (“Reach”) and walking by faith [“On Faith Alone I Stand (Sola Fide)”]. The song “Think About It” tackles the timely discussion of evolution vs. the case for a Creator. The first radio single, “Eternal,” which goes for adds at stations nationwide on September 29th, drives home the message that the only thing that lasts forever is God’s love for us. The CD, produced by Robert White Johnson (Celine Dion, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Van Zant), The Stitts Brothers (Chris Tomlin, Al Green) and Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter and television personality Al Denson, reflects a young man with a strong desire to develop a music ministry to youth and music lovers alike.
“Not only can Robert sing, he truly cares for people and wants them to know the Lord,” comments Denson. “Robert is so passionate about his faith.”
God has been using Robert in remarkable ways through his gift of music. The path to his debut CD Inside Out began in 2005 when Al Denson was invited to lead worship at Robert’s school. To help engage the kids, Denson, an artist in residence at the Pierre family’s home church, asked the students to point out the best singer in the school, and all of Robert’s classmates pointed in his direction. Denson called the young man to join him onstage for a song and was overwhelmed by the results.
A few days later, Robert’s parents threw him a surprise 13th birthday celebration packed with family members, spiritual mentors and church friends, including Denson. Recognizing the milestone in the young man’s life, the purpose of the ceremony was not only to build him up spiritually, but to remind him to always seek God’s will and look to his mentors for spiritual counsel. That night, Denson pulled Robert’s parents aside and suggested that they let him take Robert into the studio to record a few songs, which eventually became a three-song Christmas CD.
Then, what started out as a simple holiday gift recording for friends and family quickly caught the attention of Robert’s local Christian radio station and beyond. Within days, and without a promotional team behind the work, the CD gained the favor of hundreds of local and regional stations nationwide. There were so many requests for Robert’s music that his family decided to post it online for 10 days of free downloading, and thousands of downloads were recorded. This overwhelming interest in his music encouraged Robert’s passionate desire to use his God-given gift to reach out to his peers with the message of the Gospel. Now, with the assistance of a team of seasoned industry veterans, as well as the support of his loving family, Robert is set to impact youth around the country with Inside Out.
For tweens, Robert is a breath of fresh air, pointing them to God rather than to peer or media pressure. Tweens, typically thought of as ages 8-12, make up an age demographic that is consistently being thrown product marketing that touches on adult themes and sensuality at a very early and impressionable stage of life. Statisticians are estimating that 69 to 94% of this youth generation will leave the church after high school, never to return, and that among all professed born-again young people, 98% believe in Christ but do not reflect Christ-like attitudes or actions. As a part of this impressionable age group himself, Robert hopes to deter his peers from becoming part of these alarming statistics and show them that God has something better in store. In fact, even before he began his music ministry, this positive young role model was already making a mark on his own community of Orlando, Fla. Soon after his profession of faith as a young teenager, he began his efforts to spread the truth of the Gospel through the creation of a Bible study group for his classmates, which is still held at his home and led by his father, Scott Pierre.
“I believe that God has a plan for this album-we’ve seen so many doors opening,” Robert relates. “I want to honor God with my music and my ministry. I want to offer an alternative to what students are currently listening to by giving them positive things to think about.”
“As a parent myself, I’m personally grateful that Robert has decided to sing about the love of Christ,” comments producer Robert White Johnson. “He’s genuine, and I feel Robert can have a significant impact upon his peers.”
Inside Out will be distributed in the CBA market by Provident-Integrity Distribution and by Sony BMG in the general market.
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