Rise Up Young Christian Men and Women and Save Our Country

Why We Need Young Christian Men and Women to Rise Up and Save Our Country

Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity. – 1 Timothy 4:12

In the 1960s and 1970s, America was in turmoil. Never before had our culture been in such upheaval. A President was assassinated. A cold war with Communist Russia dominated much of the daily news cycle. Women left their homes and demanded to be equal with men in the workplace. The peaceful protests of Martin Luther King started, later turning violent in the hands of the Black Panthers. The homosexual community began its public push for gay rights with a 1965 march at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. The Vietnam war became a focal point of protests across our country–a country that had not experienced massive protests until that era. Prayer was taken out of the schools. The Communist Agenda first reported in 1958 was being witnessed in the early stages of taking place right in front of America’s eyes.

It didn’t help that the conservative leaders during this time were either corrupt or ineffective. There was no strong voice to stand against the rapid dissolution of American values. The young people of the day saw what was happening and rebelled, leaving their families for communes and “free love.” Birth control became a major push, followed quickly by abortion. The hippie generation was born with the motto: ”Don’t trust anyone over 30.” But something unexpected happened in 1984.

After two decades of hand-wringing and prayer by older Americans about the progressively worsening state of affairs across our country, the younger generation rose up to reclaim the United States. They chose an unlikely figurehead–Ronald Reagan.

In 1984, young voters put their faith in this staunchly conservative leader, with his common-sense approach to politics, delivered calmly and often with humor. Over 70 years old at the time, Ronald Reagan’s direct, no-nonsense approach to fixing a broken country appealed to the youngest voters to such a degree that they helped him win the Presidency.

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Ronald Reagan, at the age of 73 the oldest President, is more popular with young voters than with any other age group, according to a number of polls. Many disagree with some of his policies, but he is coming across to young people as a firm yet kindly grandfather figure, a leader who inspires confidence in an uncertain world.

NY Times, 1984

While the liberal New York Times was already far from impartial in 1984, the point remains that no matter how much the liberal establishment disliked his policies and attempted to depict Reagan as a “grandfather,” the younger generation found much to admire in the man and his policies as did the older generations. Reagan was a leader who inspired confidence in an uncertain world.

It was with the help of these young voters that our country’s economy made great strides. Taxes, inflation and unemployment were cut, thanks to “Reaganomics.” Reagan turned his attention to “America First,” as his administration worked to solve more problems on the home front and spent less time and money trying to fix everyone else. Reagan strengthened our military and is credited with doing much to end the Cold War. America became a strong nation in the eyes of the world again with a better economy, a better-developed military, and improved technology across the board for the military, government, schools and businesses. The country stabilized under Reagan’s administration, and many of his young supporters became future leaders in their communities.

America is at a similar place today. Our country is in turmoil. The progressive socialist strategies taught to kids starting in elementary schools and reinforced throughout high school, culminating in liberal-led universities, that issue diplomas based to varying degrees upon how well students have been indoctrinated, have produced a generation of socialist business and government leaders. Today these socialist leaders are denying free speech to conservative voices. The First Amendment has been threatened on many fronts.

Even sites like “Funny Junk” which have been such free-for-alls, open for any type of discussion to the point they would never have been mentioned on Christian Activities, are worth noting. Web sites young people enjoy because ANYTHING can be discussed and joked about are now being censored. Conservative content is quietly being controlled on the loosest websites in cyberspace. And a new generation of young people are growing dissatisfied with their socialist overlords.

Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab.com, wrote a recent article saying he thinks he sees the younger generation in motion already. He believes young people are waking up to decades of lies and deception propagated by the socialist establishment.

The Holy Spirit has captivated and energized the youth. The kids are Christian Nationalists. There is no turning back now. These young men and women have absolutely nothing to lose by speaking the Truth boldly and calling out the wickedness of critical theory, mass immigration, and the destruction of The West and indeed Christendom itself

Andrew Torba

Rise Up Christian Youth Culture

This is the time for the Christian youth culture to rise up and speak out. Socialist kids are leaving their families and shaming them publicly. Rise up and encourage yours. Socialist teachers and school boards are teaching kids to label Christians, whites, males and heterosexuals as “oppressors.” Rise up and refuse the labels. Socialists disguised as liberal progressives are striving to modify, quantify, identify, label and censor conservatives and Christians. Rise up to protect your privacy, your individuality, your freedom of speech and your freedom of religion.

If you don’t find leaders to follow, then you help elect the leaders. Better yet, BE the leaders. Don’t let your rights be stolen from you by a political philosophy that has failed EVERYWHERE it has been tried: Russia, China, Venezuela, etc.

Understand what you are up against. A generation of business and government leaders educated and trained for the last 20-30+ years by socialists now control the media, the social media platforms, the major search engine, the major video-hosting site, the government and the public school system. They control most colleges and universities. They have even recently taken control of open-forum discussion and meme sites like Funny Junk. While some controlled opposition is still allowed to lull the masses, your freedom to express dissenting viewpoints is rapidly being stolen from you.

You will have to do your own due diligence to learn how to search for the facts. Expand your search terms. Look deeper than the controlled information Google shows you on the first three or four search result pages, Fact check the fact checkers who are owned and/or funded by socialists, See past the lies.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

Romans 1:16

Rise Up Young Men and Women of Faith

Thanks to leaders like Ronald Reagan, elected by the young people of his day, we won the Cold War with Communist Russia. Unfortunately, Marxists had already smuggled it onto to our own shores. Whether we want to believe it or not, we are already in a war here in our own country. And unfortunately, weak, watered-down socialist “progressive” Christianity is selling a lie. Rise up young men and women of faith and seek the truth. Rise up and be the leaders. Rise up and save our land.

First published June 12, 2021

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