Rise – Building 429

After achieving much success with their 2004 debut Space In Between Us, including a win in ’05 for New Artist of the Year at the GMA’s, the guys in Building 429 are back with Rise. With this new collection of eleven modern rock-infused tracks, the band hopes to inspire today’s youth to “Rise Up” and respond to the calling that God has placed in their lives.
With the help of producer Monroe Jones, the band builds on the solid foundation of their debut by showing added growth both musically and spiritually. With its mix of mature lyrics, edgy melodic rock and urgent messages for today’s youth, Rise quickly became a favorite. While a vast majority of the disc features prominent guitar and straightforward rock, the band does manage to shift gears for some quieter moments on the CD’s first single “Fearless” and the title track. The message for these two tracks is of a similar vain, in that we must be bold in our faith to live for Christ and focus on eternal perspective, not the earthly one.
Standout tracks on the disc include the driving rockers “Searching For A Savior” and “Fighting To Survive”, the previously mentioned title track, “I Believe” (a cover of the Blessed Union of Souls hit from the mid-90’s) and “Empty” (featuring Michael Tait). The cover tune, overhauled from pop hit to modern rocker, fits perfectly with the overall theme of the disc. I particularly enjoyed the addition to the outro, “Jesus is the answer, for the world today, above Him there is no other, Jesus is the way.”
Rise is sure to earn a place as one of the year’s best rock offerings. Solid from start to finish, this is one CD that should not be missed. Enjoy!
Reviewed by Rick Campbell, The Christian Music Corner
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