Rick Cua Unveils New Book, “What Are You Known For?”

Celebrated recording artist, pastor, teacher, and author Rick Cua has unveiled his new book, What are you Known For? which released to retail on May 26, 2020 from All for the King Media.

Author, speaker, teacher, pastor, and Dove Award nominated recording artist Rick Cua has unveiled his second book, What Are You Known For?, from All for the King Media. The book, which released to retail on May 26, 2020, in both trade paperback and ebook formats, includes 31 chapters which are wrapped around life in terms of calling, discernment, growth, identity, love, perseverance, purpose, and more.    

What Are You Known For? is a collection of stories, scriptures and thoughts designed to encourage and inspire us in new ways.  “Weighing in at 214 pages, this is not an epic offering,” Cua says. “Rather, in the spirit of CliffsNotes, it is a book designed to be a short read with a long tail.”
“Want to think, feel and ultimately be better, for Jesus and all those you love?” says Steve Berger, Cua’s pastor at Grace Chapel in Franklin, Tennessee. “I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this humble yet powerful little book…and share it with others!”
What Are You Known For? is Cua’s second book, following not-so-closely on the heels of his previous book, Songs to Live By, which was published by Honor Books in 1993. But Cua has not been resting on his laurels since his first book.   

During his celebrated music ministry career that has spanned nearly four decades, Cua has released 12 solo projects, five albums with his band, Blues Counsel (which was recently inducted into the famed Mississippi Blues Trail), and five music videos, resulting in six Number 1 radio hits and a Dove Award nomination. He has served as Vice President – Creative at EMI Christian Music Publishing and President of Kingdom Bound Ministries, and he currently ministers as Pastoral Care Pastor at Grace Chapel in Franklin, Tennessee. And that doesn’t take into account that before starting his music ministry career, Cua earned a pair of Gold Records with the legendary mainstream rock band, The Outlaws.

Considering his extensive music, business, and ministry experience, it is easy to understand why Cua is viewed as such a resource  to the church. The wisdom he gained in ministry and business, along with a gift of encouragement, has provided him the components of an artist, author, teacher, speaker and pastor with a passion for helping others build their legacy and find their fullness in Christ. Cua acknowledges that it is the act of sharing that propels him forward and that also compelled him to write What Are You Known For?

“I wrote for Christian Musician magazine for a number of years and I realized my articles had gradually turned from being mainly for musicians to writing for everyone,” Cua recalls. “I came to realize that I needed to get this book out and leave it behind, in hopes it would encourage others in their journey as they build their legacy one brick at a time.”

Cua’s message in the book is simple: The sum of what we do on this earth follows us to heaven, but it is also left behind as our legacy. What Are You Known For? is about activating Godly principles in our lives to help us build a legacy worthy of our calling,” he explains. “The over-arching message of the book is the same over-arching message of my life and ministry–loving God and loving people through the power of God’s Word and the discernment of the Holy Spirit, with the ultimate hope that you are making a deposit in the lives of others so they can do the same.”

What Are You Known For? is published by All for the King Media in both trade paperback and ebook formats. It released to retail on May 26, 2020. For more information on Rick Cua and What Are You Known For?, visit rickcua.com.

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Who Is RickCua?

Dove Award nominated recording artist, author, speaker, teacher, and pastor Rick Cua has had a long and celebrated career in mainstream and Christian music, both onstage and behind the scenes. From earning a pair of Gold Records as the bass player for the legendary mainstream rock band, The Outlaws, to his chart-topping solo Christian music career, to his work as the Vice President – Creative at EMI Christian Music Publishing and President of Kingdom Bound Ministries, Cua has influenced the American music scene with his exceptional talent and leadership.  Cua currently focuses his time on his position as Pastoral Care Pastor at Grace Chapel in Franklin, Tennessee, staying active in music through speaking, writing, and publishing, along with playing on Grace Chapel’s worship team and recording with his band, Blues Counsel.    

Cua’s second book, What Are You Known For?, was released May, 26, 2020, and his fifth offering with Blues Counsel, Love Infusion, was released in November of 2019.   

Originally from Syracuse, New York, Cua and his wife, Diana, have two children and two grandchildren and just celebrated 50 years of marriage. They moved to Nashville in 1984, and currently live in Franklin, Tennessee. Rick Cua is celebrating the release of his second book, What Are You Known For?

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