Rhythm[s]myth Premiers August 22

~ Rhythm[s]myth Premiers August 22 at Brentwood Academy in Nashville ~

A concept of aural and visual arts where music, lighting, staging, costuming, video, poetry and performance art come together and support each other in an immersive experience of our shared humanity to benefit others.


Before Rhythm[s]myth, There Was Bash-n-the-Code

Quite some time ago I had one of the most enjoyable jobs ever, working with Christian band, Bash-n-the-Code, At the time, Bash was made up of Keith Lancaster, Mark Lee Townsend, Kirk Eberhard and Chris and Jamie Kearney. The group, which aimed to reach the teen market, was known for great dance-pop music, outlandishly colorful sets and concerts that were more fun than concerts had any right being. Bash was active from 1971 to 1991. Group founder Keith Lancaster went on to launch Lancaster Christian Academy with his wife Sherry in 1997. Band member Mark Townsend became guitarist for Christian rock band dc Talk, helped form the band Sonicflood, and became a producer. Bass player Kirk Eberhard has played for several well-known bands and is currently in a Beatles group with Mark Townsend.

Jamie & Chris Kearney

Jamie Kearney focused on wardrobing artists, teaching kids and being a mom while husband Chris went on to play drums and percussion on the road and in the studio with artists including Steve Taylor, Kerry Livgren, Steve and Annie Chapman, The Christ Church Choir, and Jonathon Pierce as well as working as a drummer with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Jamie and Chris also released a project together, The Color of Light.

Jamie and Chris Kearney

Rhythm[s]myth Premiers

Recently, Chris Kearney has been working as a substitute teaching at Brentwood Academy, usually in the Music Department. There he met the woodwinds section director, Jeffery Scot Wills. Wills was part of Denver and the Mile High Orchestra (Christian big band). After that, he played with the Wooten Brothers Band for 10 years, went on the road with Donna Summer, and then Take Six.

“During that time, he was always working on his own music, from contemporary instrumental jazz, regular installments of rap material, and more recently, a unique combination of Art-Rock and acid Jazz (like WeatherReport, or Mahavishnu Orchestra) with beautiful melodic sheen, meticulously arranged,” says Chris. “Jeffery is a teacher and authentic whimsical Christian homeschool dad, who this week takes his to kids to Austin Peay.”

“Rhythm[s]myth combines the Art Rock acid Jazz and recent instrumentals, and throws in a really thrilling video immersive 7-projector enhancement throughout,” Chris states. “We’ve been rehearsing for almost 2 years and developing visuals, after we both went separately to the Van Gogh immersive last year on West End. The music is self-published but as yet un-promoted. The songwriting is of the highest level and quite fun to play. Musically, it is reminiscent of Kerry Livgren, Foreigner, Steve Taylor, Fresh Prince, Tubes, with cool melodies and surprising hooks. This is not a small project.”

Christians Chris Kearney and Jeffery Scot Wills, who make up the band, Rhythm[s]myth, will premier on August 22 at 7:00 pm at Brentwood Academy in Nashville. RSVP required to jscotwills@tds.net.

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