Rhema Today Hits Airwaves

World-Wide Discounted Hotels Reservations.Changing and affecting lives has been its goal since its birth in 1999. And now, after six years of hard work, and making its mark around the GTA and surrounding communities, this organization is one step closer to fulfilling its mandate of changing and affecting lives of audiences across North America. On Saturday July 23, 2005 Pastor Orim Meikle (Or-rim mee-kl) and Rhema (Ray-ma) Christian Ministries will hit the air waves with its first television broadcast “Rhema Today”.

Beginning at 4:00 p.m. on CTS (Crossroads Television System), this half hour program promises to be interactive, using a fresh and creative approach to television. And according to Pastor Meikle, this broadcast will engage both young people and adults alike, to think about healthy and positive lifestyle choices, “We want to bring a message of empowerment and wholeness to a wider community. We are hoping that our message will [enlighten and inspire] the lives of millions across Canada and the U.S. to become successful and productive in all that they do.”
Rhema Christian Ministries has grown in numbers since it began six years ago, and now the goal is to take its message of hope and love to a much wider audience. With a television staff of 25 and growing, Rhema hopes to touch the lives of every person who comes in contact with its ministry through the medium of television.
Located at Sheppard Avenue and Victoria Park, Rhema Christian Ministries is a non-denominational, multi ethnic church and non – profit organization, located in the city of Toronto. Since its inception, Rhema Christian Ministries has grown from 20 people to a ministry which opens its doors to some 2000 weekly attendees. Reaching into the community Rhema is addressing social and economic disparity through its various community organizations, while stretching internationally to address the socio – educational plight of orphaned children in the Dominican Republic through the construction of its first overseas elementary school. Rhema’s mission statement is “Changing and Effecting Lives”.

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