Revival at Asbury University: Exclusive Report

~ The Feb. 2023 Revival at Asbury University Continues, Franklin’s Doug and Dabney Mann Share Their Story ~

Revival at Asbury University in Kentucky

Asbury University in Wilmore, KY, has historically been known for its powerful revivals. There have been several occasions when the Holy Spirit has swept across the campus and impacted the nation. Now that is happening again.

What Is the Revival at Asbury?

A mighty revival broke out at Asbury University in Wilmore, KY during a chapel service last Wednesday, Feb. 8. During the service, pastor Zach Meerkreebs asked the Holy Spirit to “move through these rows and love on these people,” and apparently the Holy Spirit began to work.

Meerkreebs told the audience that the only way we can love is because we are loved by Jesus. He invited the students to become love in action by experiencing the love and and power of the Holy Spirit during a call to confession, and the revival was still going strong on a week later. He encouraged the students to “experience the love of God, so you can pour it out, and He will fill it back up.” It was after this message that revival broke out at Asbury.

Classes and other events have been postponed as the students and others gathered at Asbury continue to worship and seek God after a week. On Feb. 14, musician Andrew Peterson posted on Twitter that his event at Asbury had been postponed.

When Were Other Revivals at Asbury?

The first reported revival at Asbury took place in 1905 followed by another that lasted two weeks in 1908. 1923 brought a 3-day revival. A revival lasted 118 hours at Asbury in 1950, with a subsequent revival in 1958 lasting for 63 hours. In February of 1970, revival broke out in a chapel service that lasted 144 hours, and classes were cancelled for a week. The year 1992 brought a 127-hour revival to the campus. In February 2005, a four-day revival broke out. Find out more here.

First-Hand Report on Asbury Revival

Doug and Dabney Mann of Franklin, TN, who celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary on Feb. 13, were led to travel to Kentucky to check it out and experience the revival first hand. Doug and his wife were both in the 1971 Jesus People revival. When they heard revival might be happening again in their lifetime, they knew they didn’t want to pass up the chance to be a part of it again. They arrived at Asbury on Saturday, Feb, 11 and stayed through Sunday Feb. 12.

“When walking up the steps from 50 feet away, I could hear the voices magnifying The Lord,” Doug said, indicating that while he could hear the voices clearly. he could hear very little of the instruments. “I was overwhelmed. I broke into weeping even before entering inside.”

Photos of the revival at Asbury by Doug & Dabney Mann

Dabney Mann reports that a spirit of humility was woven throughout the revival at Asbury. “It was not about Asbury but that Jesus be the only one lifted high above all,” Dabney explained. “It was stewarded very well, not managed,” she said.

According to Dabney, those at the revival were not the rich or famous, but those hungry for His presence. That tangible presence would come in waves. With no identifiable reason, all of a sudden the crowds would erupt in shouts of praise and worship.

The chapel across the street had to be opened because of the great numbers of people. Students from other universities and other seekers like Dabney and Doug were joining the Asbury students. Dabney stated that there was a lot of rotation of the worship teams with very limited instruments. “The acoustics were amazing, the voices of the people was the main thing, and we could understand every word being sung,” Dabney shared, saying, “Young people (students) had the major roles, but professors and pastors added strength and credibility.”

Christian artist Kari Jobe posted that standing in the room where revival was happening impacted her forever. “It was pure. It was humble. It was reverent. It was expectant. It was hungry. It was desperate,” she wrote on Instagram.

What Came Out of the Revival at Asbury?

The Manns said that a lot of prayer, repentance and healings were shared with the crowds. “People came to wait on the Lord, and be in His presence, not for great preaching or amazing artists performing. God did not disappoint,” Dabney pointed out.

Doug said he came away from the revival at Asbury with hope for the emerging generation to carry the fire, and with a tenderness from being in the presence of the Lord.

Is the Revival at Asbury Still Going On?

As of February 15, the revival is still going strong a week after it began.

February 23 Update: Beginning Friday, February 24, no further public Outpouring services will be held on Asbury’s campus. Regularly scheduled chapel services are live streamed on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays at 10 a.m. EST during the semester.

How Can I Experience the Revival at Asbury?

Other than driving to Wilmore, Kentucky, the best way to experience the Asbury revival is probably through watching the ongoing chapel services. Asbury University Chapel services are live-streamed each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 a.m. – 10:50 a.m. EST. You may watch here: If you are looking for past Chapels, visit the Chapel Podcast page.

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