Resurrection Eggs for Easter



Easter is the most important celebration for our faith, and if we are not careful it can easily get swept away and diverted by the world’s commercial market and tradition. Celebrating Easter should be a reflection of what this day means to; us as Christians, the fulfillment of Prophecy and the eternal destination of OUR souls!
I found the best thing for my girls four years ago, on CBN. They are called “Resurrection Eggs”. It is the greatest tool in teaching kids about Easter, helping them to anticipate the day and having fun while doing it! It is a carton of 12 plastic eggs, each one containing something from the story of Christ’s journey to the cross, His death and resurrection. Accompanying the carton of eggs is a book called Benjamin’s Box, by Melody Carlson, published by Gold ‘n’ Honey Books. This story corresponds with the 12 eggs!

You begin 12 days before Easter, opening the matching egg to each day’s reading! Kids love it, they begin to anticipate the last egg and the final day…Easter and the Resurrection! The visual aids within each plastic egg helps them understand what Easter is all about. You take a journey and focus on what is important. Then they can be involved in traditional celebrations … like coloring eggs. But, that doesn’t become the main focus of Easter for them. They won’t get caught up in the stroke of the world’s insignificant brush of our Savior’s Resurrection! You can make coloring eggs fun, but not the main purpose of the day. Sprinkle this with Easter videos, Bible verses and the talk of spring and how it represents new life. As they are outside hiding eggs, take the time to point out how the trees and the flowers have started to bud and bloom and how the grass is getting greener (I live in Colorado, and sometimes we have to scrap the snow away to see the grass and flowers that started to bud before the spring snow fell and covered them..ha!). Then remind them again of new life, how Christ’s resurrection gave everyone a wonderful opportunity to be born again! Just like the grass, flowers and the trees were brown and dead-like in the fall and…..spring comes to renew branches, leaves! and grass.

The application is simple but it is a wonderful place to start!! Kids love to learn, take atvantage of implementing who THEY are in Christ, every chance you get! This way they will begin to see what being a warrior for God is all about and they can begin taking ownership of their walk with Christ! He will become a vivid part of every curve, bump, valley and peak in their life’s journey!
The road behind us we cannot recapture and the road ahead cannot always be predicted. But God has equipped you to handle whatever the day brings! He will always bless you when you take steps that honor Him. Don’t let this wonderful opportunity to witness and to teach slip through your fingers! Have fun and Happy Easter!
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