Remembering God’s Love

Let us take the opportunity on such a day as “Valentine’s Day” to remember again
how much we have been loved by our God!
Our God has loved us from all eternity! He has foreknown us, which means that He
has had a loving relationship toward us from since forever past! We have
individually been the focus of His love, even when He knew we would be
disobedient and sinful. Before we were even born, He had set His affection on us
in order to do us good.
Our God has love for us presently! He loves us now with a love that will not
part from us, which means that He is not willing that anything should stand in
the way of His relationship to us! And yet He still knows our frame and
frailties. He knows of all our stumblings today, and He still sets His affection
on us in order to do us good.
Our God has love to us for all eternity! He loves us with a love that is
reserved for the best and worst days to come. His store house of gracious love
is full, and He will empty it all on us, and there will be so much more left to
pour. He knows when our darkest our will come, and He is still willing to set
His affection on us in order to do us good!
If you would meditate on the love another may have for you today (God’s give us
loved ones as gifts too!), meditate even more on this. God’s love knows us
better than we can ever be known by another. God’s love forgives our sins and
removes the guilt of our sin better than any other can forgive. And God’s love
will only increase as the days grow nearer to that great and final day – when He
makes us fit to enter into eternity so that we will know Him fully as we are
fully known.
This is the love of God toward us… and by His doing we are in Christ Jesus! We
are fellow heirs with Christ in all the riches of God’s goodness and kindness.
May God’s love to YOU not be easily forgotten!
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