Religious Freedom Advocacy Group Seeks to Raise Awareness About Global Christian Persecution

For the Martyrs, a Religious Freedom Advocacy Group, will hold a demonstration, “March for the Martyrs,” and informational conference to raise awareness about Christian persecution in Long Beach, California

Religious Freedom Advocacy Group Hosts March to Raise Awareness

The number of Christians persecuted for their faith has risen 20% in just two years. Currently, there are over 260 million people across the globe who face high levels of persecution because of their faith in Christ. Shockingly, the growing crisis of Christian Persecution is widely ignored by the media and often overlooked within faith communities of the West.

For this reason, March for the Martyrs will be held on Saturday, September 5, in Long Beach, California. The purpose of this demonstration is to stand in solidarity with the persecuted Christians and bring media attention to the crisis of Christian persecution. March for the Martyrs is sending a clear message: Christian Persecution will not be ignored, suffering believers are not forgotten, and Jesus Christ still has the victory.

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About For the Martyrs
For the Martyrs, a Religious Freedom Advocacy Group
, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to bring awareness to the crisis of Christian persecution, advocate for religious freedom, and provide aid to suffering Christians across the globe. Founded by Gia Chacon. Chacon is a humanitarian, speaker and Pro-Life Director of Bienvenido US

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