<i>Reflection of Something</i> -- Todd Agnew


Rick Campbell
Aug 14, 2005

Reflection of Something is the sophomore release from Ardent/SRE recording artist Todd Agnew. Reflection draws upon Agnew’s two-year journey into the life of an artist, brought upon by the release of his 2003 debut disc Grace Like Rain. With the aid of producer John Hampton (Gin Blossoms, North Mississippi All Stars), Agnew has taken his time of reflecting on the reasons and motivation of what he sees, says and does and crafted a collection of twelve songs chronicling the Christian existence.

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When you listen to Reflection , you’ll encounter a vast array of musical styles present, with the prominent genres being blues, rock and worship. The semi-rock track “Something Beautiful” opens the disc with its message that we are all a reflection of God is some way, a fact that we sometimes forget in our daily struggles and sometime failures. Sub-themes of worship and salvation permeate the musical fabric of the disc, and can bee seen clearly in such tracks as “Blood On My Hands”, “Mercy on Me” and “Isaiah 6.” I particularly enjoyed the previously mentioned opener, along with the all-out rocker “Where Were You” and the closing “My Jesus.” If you stay until the very end of the disc (which I’m sure you will), you’ll find the bonus track “It Is Well.” Agnew’s cover of the classic clocks in at almost eight minutes and is worth every second of it.

Reflection of Something offers fans (and new listeners alike) musical pleasure and from start to finish. With its thought-provoking lyrics painted across the musical tapestry of blues, rock, gospel and funk, Reflection is a complete package worthy of a listen.

- Rick Campbell, The CMCorner (www.thecmcorner.com)

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