Ray Blackston’s “Flabbergasted” Trilogy Complete with Lost in Rooville July 1 Release

Award-winning, critically acclaimed novelist Ray Blackston offers Lost in Rooville, the highly anticipated third book in his popular “Flabbergasted” series, July 1 from Revell (ISBN: 0800730577, $12.99, paperback).
Following the release of Blackston’s first-ever novel, Flabbergasted, and its sequel, A Delirious Summer, respected publications Publisher’s Weekly, Library Journal, Southern Living, The Dallas Morning News, Booklist, Romantic Times, CCM, Charisma and numerous others, as well as tens of thousands of readers, offered significant, widespread acclaim.

Propelled by that momentum and billed as “an adventure of a lifetime,” Lost in Rooville features Blackston’s trademark humor, quirky characters, original poetry and electrifying dialogue, all mixed in a relational gumbo.  Narrator, Jay Jarvis has commitment on his mind, and girlfriend Allie Kyle, who wants to see the wildlife.  Steve Cole has a map in hand, girlfriend Darcy Yeager at the wheel and a struggle with commitment.  Taking the trip of their lifetime, the two bachelors drive their women deep into arid plains in separate Land Cruisers while pondering a common equation:  “Australia + woman + ring = good plan.”  What it actually equals is a male-narrated romance set in a hilarious, sometimes treacherous, baked debacle in the vast down under.
Ray Blackston worked as a buyer and a broker for eleven years before cashing in his modest 401k and leaving his corporate cubicle to write full time. Having traveled to rural Ecuador on a summer missions program, he more recently journeyed to the Australian Outback while writing Lost in Rooville.  A resident of Greenville, SC, Blackston also serves on the missions committee of Grace Church and coaches his nephew’s baseball team. His books can be found at Amazon.com, ChristianBook.com, Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore.  
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