Randy Stonehill, The Blob, & Mayberry

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Christian music legend Randy Stonehill has been a recording artist for some 32 years.
Now he has discovered that his audience today is comprised of not only his own
generation, but their children and grandchildren as well. “To my delight there is a whole
new audience and a whole new chapter to my career that I would never have anticipated,”
says Randy. “People who came to my concerts as kids are returning with their own
children.” Randy says his audience consists of people in their 40’s and 50’s as well as
enthusiastic children of 10 and younger. Randy says that kids 4-10 really connect with
him. “They see the big kid in you.” This has led to Randy’s newest project, Uncle
Stonehill’s Hat, a CD that is a prototype for a series of videos and books directed at

Shortly before Randy began his career in Christian music, he appeared in the sequel to the
Steve McQueen sci-fi movie, “The Blob.” This sequel to “The Blob” finds the man-eating mass up to its old tricks. Known as “The Movie That J.R. Shot”, as Larry Hagman directed it for fun on a small budget during a few weeks off, the Blob is resurrected in this installment when a piece of frozen blob is brought back from the Arctic and allowed to thaw.
Although Steve McQueen’s version was filmed in 1958, for some reason the sequel was shot in 1972 and was confusingly
called both “Son of Blob” and “Beware of the Blob” and featured a young guitar-playing Randy Stonehill appearing as a rebellious teenager in a drainage ditch smoking a joint and singing a song about “King Doobie” to his girlfriend right before the Blob oozes in and absorbs them. The young lady in the drainage ditch with Randy was none other than Cindy Williams, who later starred with Ron Howard in “America Graffiti,” as well as guest starring on “Happy Days.” To make the tie in with Mayberry complete, Steve McQueen’s leading lady in the original “The Blob” was also Sheriff Taylor’s leading lady, Miss Crump, both played to perfection by actress Aneta Corsaut.

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Randy’s ties to “The Andy Griffith Show” do not end there. He is also a fan of the show
choosing Barney as his favorite character. “Barney was a caricature – a snapshot of all of
our frailties and insecurities and our desire for validation.” Randy also points to Andy’s
character as especially significant. “I remember watching Andy’s understanding and gentle
compassion for Barney. It resonated with me because it echoed this godly, fatherly
acceptance of who we are with all our quirks and flaws.”
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