Questions Kids Ask About Sex – Melissa R. Cox

Whether you are a new parent just starting out or a parent with a teenager in your midst, the book Questions Kids Ask About Sex will help you through this vital and yet often confusing area of your child’s development.
The book is broken up by age categories, starting with infants and working all the way through college age. In each category, parental questions are addressed and then questions asked by children are discussed. Fear factors are tackled as to whether you as a parent are comfortable with talking to your child and how to accomplish conversations in a loving, natural way. The book also asks us as parents to look at our own lives and the decisions we have made. Only by being honest with our choices and ourselves will we be able to honestly communicate with our children.
The authors make it clear that this book will not solve every problem: “The questions and answers provided in this book aren’t intended to be the be-all and end-all, but rather a helpful starting place for your journey of helping your kids achieve a future full of health, hope and happiness.” Knowing that sex is very much a spiritual experience as well as an emotional and physical one can help your child better understand the ramifications of their choices. Modesty and abstinence are also very much established as vital to healthy development.
This book addresses the current issues including oral sex, date rape, and homosexuality. The authors state that MTV is not embarrassed to talk to your child about sex and they have no problem giving details. I find it refreshing that this book does not hold back from all the major issues as well. We as Christian parents need to be readily armed to teach and prepare our children for the dangerous temptations of sex in the world. Questions Kids Ask About Sex is a great addition to any parent’s education on parenting.
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