Quadricentennial Celebration of Founding of America




This April marks the 400th anniversary of the founding of America. On April 29, 1607, English settlers made their first successful landing in North America. After a four-month voyage at sea, a young Anglican chaplain, Robert Hunt, led a group ashore and planted a cross on what is now known as Cape Henry, seeking God’s blessing on the new land.

Largely unknown is the fact that the April 29th landing was a second attempt. The first attempt occurred on April 26, 1607. Unfortunately, the landing party was immediately attacked by Chesapeake Indians using bows and arrows and suffered injuries. Upon returning to the ship, Chaplain Hunt suggested that the company regroup to pray for three days. During those three days, everyone meditated and prayed, seeking God’s blessing and favor on the new colony. Only after purifying their hearts and spirits did they make a second attempt.
Upon reaching the beachhead, the settlers held a prayer service, planting a cross on the dunes, dedicating the new land to God’s purposes and declaring that the Gospel would be carried to the entire world from those shores.
Rock Church, a 4000-member congregation, is the host church for The Assembly 2007, the official Christian celebration event of the National Quadricentennial Celebration.
Exactly 400 years later top Christian leaders from across the country are gathering in Virginia Beach for a special conference leading up to the actual anniversary, April 29. On that date, prayer will be made for America, recommitting the nation to God’s purposes. Key Christian leaders who will participate include:
-Rev. Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network
-Pastor John Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio
-Pastor Rod Parsley of World Harvest Church in Columbus
-Rev. Marcus Lamb, founder and president of Daystar Television
-Rev. Jack Hayford, founding pastor of Church on the Way (Van Nuys, Calif.)
Christians who cannot travel to Virginia Beach are encouraged to plant a cross in their own yards and churches.
Full details about the Dedication Sunday, the Consecration Conference and the Plant-A-Cross Initiative can be found online at www.TheAssembly2007.org.
The Assembly 2007 is sponsored by One Nation Under God, a non-profit ministry dedicated to advancing the kingdom through prayer mobilization and strategic events. Based out of Rock Church in Virginia Beach, One Nation Under God has been responsible for some of the country’s most successful prayer events, including “Washington for Jesus” and “America! for Jesus.”
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