Proverbs 7 – The Gospel According to Mom



Tucker, as any normal red-blooded 14-year-old boy, has suddenly noticed girls. The girls have done more than notice – they call, they email, they IM, they show up. It is amazing how forward girls are these days. Anyway, I was attempting to caution Tucker about being careful in this arena so I had him read Proverbs 7.
As you can imagine, Tucker responded with, “Mom! You are way overreacting. Are you calling my friends harlots?! Don’t worry so much, I’m fine.”
As a mom, I knew he might be fine today but if he didn’t watch his steps and realize where this particular road could lead, he could end up going the wrong direction. So, I paraphrased Proverbs 7 particularly for a junior high boy living in the year 2004.
Proverbs 7 – The Gospel According to Mom
1. My son, keep my words and if you value your life,
2. Keep my commands. My law is the law, don’t ever forget it.
3. Tie a string around your finger or tattoo it on your heart.
4. Say to wisdom, “You are my sister” and call understanding, “Mom”
5. Listen to your mother and sister for they will keep you away from the girls.
6. For from my minivan I looked through the window,
7. And I saw a bunch of junior high boys
And one naïve young man, in particular.
8. Passing along the street near the mall;
And entering through Sears,
9. just after dark, before all the stores closed.
10. And there a girl met him,
Wearing a shirt that revealed her belly button and her heart.
11. She laughed way too loudly and she was rarely at home with her parents.
12. She seemed to turn up everywhere, at the mall, the movies,
hanging out at friend’s houses.
13. So she playfully hugged the young man and gave him a friendly kiss on the cheek.
“With a spunky look she said to him,
14. “I just came from youth group and I played the part.
15. I was hoping to see you there and when I didn’t see you
I came looking for you. I’m so glad I found you.
16. I have fixed up my room really cool.
17. I bought a bunch of good smelling stuff from Bath & Body Works.
18. Why don’t you come over and we can watch some videos and make out.
19. My parents aren’t at home, they are away on a business trip.
20. They won’t be back until Tuesday.”
21. With her convincing innocence, he bought it.
All it took was, “I’ve never met a guy I can talk to like you before” and she had him.
22. He fell for it, hook, line and sinker.
23. Till he felt the hook in his mouth.
As a fish swimming for the worm,
He didn’t know it was a trap until it was too late.
24. Now, listen up kids, and listen up good.
I know what I’m talking about:
25. Don’t even look down that path.
If you don’t want to end up where the road is headed
Then stay on the sidewalk.
26. Girls have been the fall of many a strong Christian young man.
They can lead you away from God and you could end up losing your life – at least the abundant one God has planned for you.


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