Proto-Kaw -<i>The Wait Of Glory</i>


C.W. Ross
Feb 4, 2006

Proto-Kaw -The Wait Of Glory

Progressive Rock

10- Tracks

This sophomore release from the band is the follow up
to their 2004 CD, "Before Became After."

You might not have heard of the band before but you've
probably heard of band member Kerry Livgren from
his days in the 70's with the band Kansas.

During that time Kerry wrote many hit songs including,
"Carry On Wayward Son" and "Dust in the Wind."

His new band describes their music as, 'Jammy, Progressive Rock'
with a Broadway cinematic feel.

"The music is progressive but progressive I think in a new way. There
are elements of R&B, which is going back to our very early roots before
we were called Kansas and this is melded into a progressive thing and I
can't think of anyone doing that." explains Kerry Livgren.

The CD starts off with the nine minutes plus epic song entitled,
"Never More."

From there the CD fuses a musical brew of guitars, drums, saxophone and
keyboards into a full and wonderful sound.

Whether you're a fan of Kerry from his early Kansas days or new to this
progressive rock with a twist sound either way you'll be delighted with the
music found on this CD.

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