Protect Private Property Against Supreme Court’s Decision

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As you know, the Supreme Court has decided to allow city governments to take land from one private owner and give it to another. In “Kelo vs. City of New London”, five Justices (led by David Souter) ruled that “eminent domain” allows any local government to TAKE anyone’s private property if the government will generate greater tax revenue — or any other economic benefits — when the land is developed by the new owner.
Thank goodness, someone in Congress has moved quickly to counter this dictatorial and ANTI-constitutional decision by the Supreme Court — but WE have to make sure this effort passes!
Last week (on October 27), the House Judiciary Committee approved legislation responding to the Kelo ruling: H.R. 3135, the “Private Property Rights Protection Act” was approved 27-3, and prohibits the use of federal funds by state and local governments that use eminent domain for the purposes of commercial development. House Judiciary Chairman Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R-WI) was the bill’s sponsor; House Resources Committee Chairman Rep. Richard Pombo (R-CA) also held a parallel hearing on HR 3405, the “Strengthening the Ownership of Private Property” (STOPP) Act.
Both of these bills would be GREAT, but the BEST news is that the two bills have now merged into H.R. 4128, the “Private Property Rights Protection Act.” Prior to the merge, both bills had strong bipartisan support — H.R. 3135 with 136 cosponsors and H.R. 3405 with 112. This means we have a GOOD chance of getting this bill through!
Rep. Sensenbrenner’s bill reads, “No State or political subdivision of a State shall exercise its power of eminent domain, or allow the exercise of such power by any person or entity to which such power has been delegated, over property to be used for economic development or over property that is subsequently used for economic development, if that State or political subdivision receives Federal economic development funds during any fiscal year in which it does so.” In other words, if they take away your property, the Feds will take away their funding.
We’ve got to move this legislation QUICKLY — greedy local governments have already started taking advantage of this court decision, in order to pad their own pockets at the expense of the citizens. For example, John Fund reports that “Officials in the beachfront town of Freeport, Texas, announced they would move forward with plans to commandeer property owned by two seafood companies in order to allow the construction of a 900-slip private marina.”
What the Supreme Court has just implemented in America is FASCISM. The actual definition of “fascism” is “state control over the individual and the economy using regimentation and regulation… fascism prefers state control over ostensibly private property rather than nationalization.”
Once again, the judiciary is tyrannical and OUT OF CONTROL. We’ve GOT to take action to stop them –It is CRITICAL that you ACT TODAY! If we can FLOOD the offices of all our Congressmen and Senators with TENS OF THOUSANDS of messages, telling them to QUICKLY pass this legislation, we CAN stop this dangerous Supreme Court ruling dead in its tracks.
You can use the URL below to send a FREE message to your U.S. Representative and BOTH of your Senators, urging them to SUPPORT H.R. 4128, the “Private Property Rights Protection Act”:


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