Pro-Troops, Pro-America Rally in Washington, D.C is joining with other conservative organizations including Protest Warrior and Free Republic, to organize a Pro-Troops, Pro-America Rally in Washington, D.C on September 24th. The rally is set to coincide with the anti-Bush, anti-war rally planned by Cindy Sheehan on September 24th and will take place right next to the Cindy Sheehan rally.
The pro-America rally plans to have dozens of speakers giving voice to grassroots America, including Congressmen, Senators, leaders of conservative and Christian organizations. In addition, they plan to give voice to many veterans, plus parents and relatives of troops that are serving in Iraq who gave their all there so that all Americans could remain free.
The rally will include performances by The Right Brothers, a patriotic, conservative, “no holding back” band, known for humorous political songs as well as songs about what makes this country so great.
“We’re also going to keep pushing our new project: “MEET WITH HIRAM”, modeled on Cindy Sheehan’s “Meet With Cindy” campaign, ” says William Greene, President “At we’re directly mirroring Sheehan’s “demands” that President Bush meet with HER (a second time!) just so she can yell at him about her misguided beliefs regarding the war on terror. And I’m going to head out and do media interviews across the country, exposing Sheehan’s radical antics, and whipping up support for our upcoming rally.”


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