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Prince Caspian hits theaters today and promises to live up to the Deep Magic delivered in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
1300 years have passed since the Pevensies were last in Narnia, and much has changed in the land. The Telmarines have conquered the country and believe they have exterminated the native Narnians. The heir to the throne is not like the other Telmarines, thanks to his tutor, but he still is virtually ignorant about the Deep Magic. He blows Susan’s horn in his time of need as instructed and the Pevensies arrive back in Narnia.

Caspian is both darker and funnier than Wardrobe. This time the enemy is not as malignant as the White Witch (although her presence is felt, particularly in one brief scene with actress Tilda Swanson). but Miraz and his minions are worthy foes and the sword fight between Peter and Miraz is intense. Just as Edmund’s desire for attention and recognition almost brought the Pevensies and Narnia to ruin in the first movie, this time Peter’s anger and jealousy and Caspian’s need for revenge bring Narnia to the edge of destruction. Can they stop fighting among themselves and unite in Aslan’s service before Narnia is destroyed?
Warwick Davis is a bitter, sneaky Nikabrik, and Peter Dinklage excels as Trumpkin, equally angry but with a kernel of faith left.
My favorite scene is when Lucy hurls herself at the fierce Aslan who has just terrified a Telmarine with his mighty roaring leap, and Aslam immediately falls to the ground for some rough and tumbling cuddles with Lucy.
The young actors from Wardrobe have matured well, but Georgie Henley is still a beguiling little imp. Teenage girls are sure to find the triple threat of Ben Barnes, William Moseley, and Skandar Keynes worthy of poster hanging. Hopefully, they will dig a little deeper and find the hidden meaning of the Deep Magic. The spiritual parallels are hard to miss for those who have eyes to see.

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The latest Prince Caspian trailer is Here.
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