President’s Faith Is a ‘Great Comfort’ to Him

Since today is President Bush’s birthday, we thought it would be timely to turn to our archives for this relevant article. The following is an excerpt from a USA Today Article by Judy Keen dated May 18, 2001.
Religion infuses the president’s daily life. Bush, 54, starts every day on his
knees, praying. He reads the Bible each morning and studies a daily Bible
lesson. He often asks a Cabinet secretary to lead a prayer at the beginning of
Cabinet meetings. He says he frequently prays in the Oval Office. He
sometimes prays on the phone with a minister friend who lives in Houston.
Bush’s family, friends and longtime aides say faith helped him quit drinking,
find his vocation in politics and check his fiery temper. He says it has made
him more humble and tolerant.
“I find great comfort in my faith,” he told Fox News last month. “It helps me
realize that I am a person that has a lot of responsibility, but I am just a person
— nothing more than a human being who seeks redemption, solace and
strength through something greater than me.”

For the complete article which is well worth the read, go to USA Today
More on the Presidnet’s faith at Perspectives from George W. Bush

President Bush was born on July 6, 1946, in New Haven, Connecticut, and grew up in Midland and Houston, Texas.


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