Praise Baby: Born to Worship

Last year’s breakthrough new Christian children’s video brand, The Praise Baby Collection returns with its next installment, “Born to Worship,” Sept. 27. The release will also complete a three-disc gift set in both DVD and CD formats available to consumers in time for Christmas.
In the tradition of its predecessors, “Born to Worship” continues to foster a nurturing environment for baby’s spirit and mind. It incorporates songs cherished by present and previous generations of worshippers, including “Here I am to Worship,” “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” “Come Now is the Time to Worship,” “We Bow Down,” and “You Alone.”
“Born to Worship” integrates creative visual elements with colorful animation and real world objects designed to stimulate early learning in the areas of tactile, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual development. Big House Kids additionally enlisted help from Joan Walker, Ph.D., a research associate at Vanderbilt University, to ensure that The Praise Baby Collections meets the ever-changing developmental needs of its young friends. A new graphics design team also came on board this time around to give “Born to Worship” a fresh feel and look.
“We’re highly invested in this series as a music company but more importantly as Christian parents of toddlers and infants ourselves,” comments Big House Kids general manager Troy Vest. “We have been overjoyed at our response from the children’s entertainment community. No doubt folks are catching on to the long-term developmental impact of a child’s early exposure to creative music and more importantly worship experience.”
For newcomers to The Praise Baby Collection and especially avid fans, both a DVD and CD box set of all three titles will also be made available on Sept. 27. The item is intended as a special gift piece for this year’s holiday season.
The Praise Baby Collection: Music for Baby’s Spirit and Mind is the inaugural product from record label Big House Kids. This “edutainment” series incorporates widely-recognized praise songs with a variety of vivid images. The Praise Baby Collection emerged from studies showing that musical experience in very early childhood helps stimulate learning, creativity and affects long-term verbal memory. Its premier title, “Praises & Smiles,” released in January 2004 with the second installment, “God of Wonders,” following that September. Both projects’ formidable success made Praise Baby the No. 1 new Christian children’s video brand of 2004. Parents magazine named the second DVD among its Top 5 video picks in the March 2005 issue of the publication.
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Big House Kids, a division of Franklin, Tenn.-based Flicker Records, specializes in the creation of high-quality, Christ-centered children’s products. For more information on The Praise Baby Collection visit the CHRISTAN ACTIVITIES MUSIC & BOOKS STORE!


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