Postcards – Cindy Morgan

Singer songwriter Cindy Morgan’s newest album, Postcards, is a travel guide through some very intimate and personal struggles of one of Christian music’s best- loved artist. Working with top producer Wayne Kirkpatrick, who has worked with the likes of Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant and Wynonna, Morgan has created an album that speaks to the heart about love, faith, struggle, frustration, and the call of Christ.
She opens with the song “Deep,” which speaks of how God’s love makes us burn and thirst. “Deep, like the ocean you move me, Deep, it’s like you almost consume me.” Morgan shows that by strong faith we can still question and struggle with our relationship.
My favorite song has to be “Enough.” It asks the question when will we as Christians say enough? Do we really need to buy one thing more? Are we not tired of all the bad and false News that spews from our TVs? The song is gritty and yet strong and drives the message home, “What are we wanting for?”
“Postcards” tells the story of a person’s travels away from home in search of themselves. It describes all the things we try to find answers with, but always seem to come up short. As usual, they finally wind up called home as all prodigals do.
“Mother” speaks of that strange yet wonderful relationship between mother and daughter. Through good times and bad, this relationship seems to stand the test of time. This is a great tribute and shows that Morgan knows she is where she is today because of the strong influence of her mother.
The album closes with a haunting tune called “The River.” The chord progressions and melody are discordant at times and yet beautiful. It is almost like being in the middle of a dream and yet through it all Jesus is calling us to the river. “Let’s dive in like children do and let our troubles wash to the Father.”
It is a great ending to a fabulous musical journey filled with postcards of faith and hope.
Dodie Greer is a freelance writer from Western New York. Contact her at
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